3919 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter A

Baby Girl Names Starts With A

There’s a certain charm about the initial A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet and is even considered the most powerful one. People with this letter as their initial are torchbearers, trailblazers, researchers, and even teachers who show the way to the others.

Baby girls with A in their initial turn out to be influential and significant individuals. They are either show runners or the driving force behind it. They are generally very sure and confident about themselves, and when they aren’t, they put on a brave façade, because they don’t want others to take advantage of the situation. They have idealistic visions and are tremendously confident about their skills. They are adventurous souls.

The letter A is equivalent to number one, which also symbolizes confidence. So by giving a name starting from A, you can help your baby girl with innovation and planning. And if another A appears in the same name, it will bring with itself the quality of being level headed and thinking through the problems.

For some awesome and beautiful baby girl names starting with the letter A, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got them in hundreds.

AdreannaThe favour or gracefulness of seaGirl
AdreenA dark person, dark-colored personGirl
AdrenOne who is black, from the AdriaticGirl
AdreyDerived from Audrey which means noble strengthGirl
AdriIn Sanskrit it means Rock. In Hebrew it means God's majestyGirl
AdriaLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of AdrianaGirl
AdrianaFrom hadriaUnisex
AdrianeLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of Adria and AdrianaGirl
AdrianiA water-body, the seaGirl
AdriannaFrom haridaUnisex
AdrianneA form of AdrienneGirl
AdrieOne who is from the AdriaticGirl
AdrielleLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of AdrielGirl
AdrieneLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of Adria and AdrianaGirl
AdriennFrom hadriaUnisex
AdriennaLatin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark one; A variant of Adria and AdrianaGirl
AdrienneFrom hadriaUnisex
AdrijaName of parvatiGirl
AdrijanaCroatian variant of Adriana, meaning from Adria.Girl
AdrinaA short form of adrianaGirl
AdrinandiniThe daughter of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
AdrisutaAn offspring of the mountainGirl
AdritaA respected woman, loved by allGirl
AdritanayaMountain's daughter; Goddess ParvatiGirl
AdsilaNative American-Iroquoian - BlossomGirl
AdukeA darling angel who is the messenger of almighty GodGirl
AdunniA daughter of the sweet personGirl
AdusitaOne who is not impure, without any impurityGirl
AdutA complete and powerful personGirl
AdvaA small or tiny wave or a rippleGirl
AdvekaA unique world or earthGirl
AdvikaA unique girl, no copy or dualityGirl
AdwinAn artist, creative personUnisex
Adwitawho has no other like herGirl
AdwoaOne born on a Monday.Girl
AdyaGoddess durgaGirl
AdyelyaBulgarian form of Alice, meaning of the nobility.Girl
AdysonIt means addisonGirl
AdzoThe one born on Monday.Girl
Ae-Cha (애차)A loving daughterGirl
AebbaStrong or strength of a personGirl
AedA fire, flame, burning fireUnisex
AedhFrom Scottish word Aodh, that means fireUnisex
AedidaA fairy or a nymph counsellorGirl
AedithaThe war or riches and blessedGirl
AedivaA strife of wealth, rich of warsGirl
AeeshaA woman, one who is aliveGirl
AeffaA fair and just speechGirl
AefledA desirable and understanding personGirl
AegaA palm bird, tiny birdGirl
AegeaA shield or one who make shieldsGirl
AegelThe spruce tree, the grass snakeGirl
AegelmaerA little spruce tree, daughter of grass snakeGirl
AegileifDaughter of Hrolf Helgason.Girl
AeglaA young cow, a heiferGirl
AegleThe daughter of sun according to Greek mythology, light, radianceGirl
AeileuaUnique, wonderful and energetic beingGirl
AeilgyuuA rational, individualistic and approachable beingGirl
AelaRock or rampartGirl
AelanA flower, a beautiful flowerGirl
AeldaA warrior, one who fights warGirl
AeldidA nymph counsellorGirl
AeleisGod is my salvationGirl
AelesiaOne who help others, a helperGirl
AelfA nymph or a mystical womanGirl
AelfdaneOne who earn or deserve elf powersGirl
AelfdeneFrom the valley of mystical powersGirl
AelffledOne who escaped from mystical powersGirl
AelfgeatA nymph from Gotland or GothiaGirl
AelfgiestA goat with mystical powersGirl
AelfgifuA gift of supernatural powersGirl
AelfgiueeA guide of mystical powersGirl
AelfgivaA mountain or hill of fairiesGirl
AelfgydA war of mystical powersGirl
AelfgythA body with supernatural powersGirl
AelfheahThe high mystical powersGirl
AelfhelmA mystical power from the shelter of animalsGirl
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex
AelfledaOne who is led by the supernatural powersGirl
AelfmaerA little mystical nymphGirl
AelfnothA mystical distress or needGirl
AelfridaOne who has the mystical strengthGirl
AelfrunThe secret of mystical powersGirl
AelfsiOne who is like an elf, or like nymphGirl
AelfsigeThe victory of mystical powersGirl
AelfwearA mystic power from waterGirl
AelfwoldA mystic person from the forestsGirl
AelfwynThe friend of super powersGirl
AelfwynnA friend of mystic powerGirl
AelgerA bright or merry personGirl
AelgifuA gift of brightness, a bright giftGirl
AelgythaA bright shining giftGirl
AeliaThe female form or Aelius; SunGirl
AeliciaAn oath of GodGirl
AelinaBright shining light, a torchGirl
AelinnHandsome or beautifulGirl
AelishA kind of noble person, a noble kinGirl
AelisiaOne who is devoted to GodGirl
AelithA stone of air, an airborne stoneGirl

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