166 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ab

AbaAfrican Akan - Girl born on Thursday; Abah, Abba and Abbah are variant spellings of the name AbaGirl
AbabioChild that keeps coming.Unisex
Abadisomeone who is ImmortalGirl
AbagailMeans father's joy or Father rejoiced who gives happinessGirl
AbaiThe Nile RiverGirl
AbaigaelDeviation form of Abigail (Hebrew) that means father of exaltationGirl
AbanaThis Biblical name means strong personality made with a stoneGirl
AbanhirBasically it means possessing the essence of AbanGirl
Abannaa girl being Tall, StrongGirl
Abannahbeing Tall, having strengthGirl
Abantithe name is a synonym of UjjainGirl
Abarnathe Goddess bharvathyGirl
Abarrbeing a devout, God fearingGirl
Abarranebeing Mother of multitudeGirl
AbasahName of Al-Mahdi's daughter.Girl
AbashshSomeone Friendly, TalkativeGirl
AbazirSpices, HerbsGirl
Abbadthe name has a meaning of spices, Sweet HerbsGirl
Abbagaylebeing dad's favourite daughterGirl
AbbatissaIts female form of abbās that is feminine head of an abbeyGirl
AbbieBeing Father of joy; rejoicedGirl
AbbiegayleBeing father's JoyGirl
AbbigailDerived from Hebrew Avigayil that means father in rejoicingGirl
AbbigaleIts root is Hebrew origins which means joy of my father. Also its version of abbigail with suffix -e.Girl
AbbreitheOne who is a lady's maidGirl
AbbyGod is joyGirl
AbbygailThis name is derived from Hebrew origins and it means father of exaltationGirl
AbcdeMeans first five amazing letters of alphabetGirl
Abdabeing really ExtraordinaryGirl
Abdahbeing Worshipper of AllahGirl
Abdhija (अब्धीजा)Born in sea, goddess lakshmiGirl
AbebaAfrican Amharic - Flower; Abeada and Abyda are variant transcriptions of the nameGirl
AbebiWe asked for a girl child.Girl
AbeedahA devout worshipperGirl
Abeedha (अबीधा)Stands for constant, wonder girl and permanentGirl
AbeeraA great mixture of rose petals as well as sandal saffron in fragranceGirl
AbegailArgentinian version of Abigail. It means father rejoices.Girl
AbegaleVariant of name Abigail which means father of multitudeGirl
AbelaAlternative of Abelia French; means source of life that is breathGirl
AbeliaMeaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or herGirl
AbelieForm of French name Abel which means vapour or breathGirl
AbelineBasically Abilene is a region of the Holy Land that is mentioned in the Bible. Hebrew meaning of this name is land of pastureGirl
AbellaVariant of Abelia that means breath that is source of lifeGirl
AbellonaThe sun GoddessGirl
AbeloneOne who destroys his,her enemyGirl
AbelotaAn eager, able and balanced personGirl
AbenaAfrican Akan - Girl born on Tuesday; Abana, Abeena and Abeenah are variant spellings of the name AbenaGirl
AbeniAfrican Yoruban - We asked for her, now she is ours; Someone who is prayed for; A variant of name AbenaGirl
AbequeA person who loves to stay at homeGirl
AberdeenA woman who is from city in northeast ScottishGirl
AberdineWoman from a city of Aberdeen; reliableGirl
AbereshDerived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communitiesGirl
AbhAt the present or currentlyGirl
AbharikaRefers to disorderly haste.Girl
AbhatiSplendid or superlative.Girl
AbhayaThe one without scare.Unisex
AbhayankariOne who gives bold and brave.Girl
AbheeraA hired hand who tends cattle.Girl
Abheesha (अभीषा)Goddess of ambitions or goals.Girl
AbhidhyaWIsh, longingGirl
AbhigeethaTo be worshipped.Girl
AbhigjnaOne who is possessing great knowledge.Girl
Abhigna (अभिगना)Valuable, clever mind or glowing.Girl
Abhignya (अभिज्ञा)One who is sage and sensible.Girl
Abhigya (अभिग्या)Skilful or expert or adroit.Girl
Abhijaata (अभिजाता)Noble birth or high class born.Girl
AbhijanaRefers to a good class and decent birth.Girl
AbhijishyaOne who is a liberated girl.Girl
AbhijitaThe one who is liberated.Girl
AbhijnaIntelligent or best or talented.Girl
AbhikankshaThe one who is willing to perform an action.Girl
AbhikhyaPretty, glitter and charming.Girl
AbhilasaDesire, wishGirl
AbhilashaAmbition, desireGirl
AbhilashitaWanted or longed.Girl
Abhilasin (अभिलसिन)One who is full of desires and wishesGirl
AbhimaniFull of Pride; Another Name for Agni who is the eldest son of Lord BrahmaGirl
Abhimanini (अभिमानिनी)One who has a self-respect or prideGirl
AbhinetriThe female actor of a film or dramaGirl
AbhinithiThat which is already been performed, friendshipGirl
AbhiprithiFull of loveGirl
AbhipshaA strong desire of wishGirl
AbhipuspaCovered with fresh flowersGirl
AbhiramiOne who is delighted or loved by many; Goddess parvatiGirl
AbhiriA raagini of indian musicGirl
AbhiroopaOne who is beautiful and charmingGirl
AbhirucaDelightful, desire, pleasureGirl
AbhiruchiOne who have or keep desiresGirl
AbhirupaA beautiful and charming girlGirl
AbhirutThe delightful weather or seasonGirl
AbhisalaAn act of moving towards unityGirl
AbhisarikaOne who is engaged in loveGirl
AbhisarikaaThe beloved one.Girl
AbhishaA companion or a Goddess of willGirl
AbhishreeA beauty who is fearlessGirl
AbhisnehaAn attachment or love or affectionGirl

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