38 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ac

AcaciaThe wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacleGirl
AcadiaThe land that have plenty, the land of plentyGirl
AcalaAn immovable object, one that cant be movedGirl
AcanthaA thorn or a sharp-pointed objectGirl
AccaThe mother of all GodsGirl
AccaliaOne who is the mother of GodsGirl
AccursiaFeminine form of Accursio, meaning to hasten.Girl
AceOne, one unitUnisex
AcelaA flower from the God or the ash treeGirl
AcelinA noble girl or a girl who born in high status homeGirl
AcelinaA noble person from heavenGirl
AcelineA woman who is noble.Girl
AcelynnA girl who is born in noble homeGirl
AchaThe holly bushes or plantsUnisex
AchalaEarth, steady, mountainGirl
AcharaAn angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirl
AchariyaOne who is wonderful and marvelous.Girl
AchavaThe friendship or the companionshipUnisex
AchebeOne who is protected by the GoddessUnisex
AcheflowWhite flowerGirl
AchetheA thoughtful, honorable and clever personGirl
AchiengOne born during the day time.Girl
AchilaThe feminine form of Achilles or without lipsGirl
AchimaHe will establishGirl
AchiraA prompt person, very swiftGirl
AchiraprabhaA swift light or the light that is very promptGirl
AchitSeparation; ConstantGirl
AchlaOne who is immovable or firm of decisionGirl
AchsahOne who have been decoratedGirl
AchuA justice loving, brave and wonderful personGirl
AchutaPure, not touched, firmGirl
AcieOne who is decent not fraud or cunning natureGirl
AciliaThe women of fire, one who is made of fireGirl
AciraOne who is quick or promptGirl
AckerleaOne who belongs from the enclosed forest of woodGirl
AcsahAn anklet or an adorned personGirl
AcuecucyoticihuatiName of the Aztec goddess of the oceanGirl
AcxaWoman with unparalleled beautyGirl

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