110 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ae

Ae-Cha (애차)A loving daughterGirl
AebbaStrong or strength of a personGirl
AedA fire, flame, burning fireUnisex
AedhFrom Scottish word Aodh, that means fireUnisex
AedidaA fairy or a nymph counsellorGirl
AedithaThe war or riches and blessedGirl
AedivaA strife of wealth, rich of warsGirl
AeeshaA woman, one who is aliveGirl
AeffaA fair and just speechGirl
AefledA desirable and understanding personGirl
AegaA palm bird, tiny birdGirl
AegeaA shield or one who make shieldsGirl
AegelThe spruce tree, the grass snakeGirl
AegelmaerA little spruce tree, daughter of grass snakeGirl
AegileifDaughter of Hrolf Helgason.Girl
AeglaA young cow, a heiferGirl
AegleThe daughter of sun according to Greek mythology, light, radianceGirl
AeileuaUnique, wonderful and energetic beingGirl
AeilgyuuA rational, individualistic and approachable beingGirl
AelaRock or rampartGirl
AelanA flower, a beautiful flowerGirl
AeldaA warrior, one who fights warGirl
AeldidA nymph counsellorGirl
AeleisGod is my salvationGirl
AelesiaOne who help others, a helperGirl
AelfA nymph or a mystical womanGirl
AelfdaneOne who earn or deserve elf powersGirl
AelfdeneFrom the valley of mystical powersGirl
AelffledOne who escaped from mystical powersGirl
AelfgeatA nymph from Gotland or GothiaGirl
AelfgiestA goat with mystical powersGirl
AelfgifuA gift of supernatural powersGirl
AelfgiueeA guide of mystical powersGirl
AelfgivaA mountain or hill of fairiesGirl
AelfgydA war of mystical powersGirl
AelfgythA body with supernatural powersGirl
AelfheahThe high mystical powersGirl
AelfhelmA mystical power from the shelter of animalsGirl
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex
AelfledaOne who is led by the supernatural powersGirl
AelfmaerA little mystical nymphGirl
AelfnothA mystical distress or needGirl
AelfridaOne who has the mystical strengthGirl
AelfrunThe secret of mystical powersGirl
AelfsiOne who is like an elf, or like nymphGirl
AelfsigeThe victory of mystical powersGirl
AelfwearA mystic power from waterGirl
AelfwoldA mystic person from the forestsGirl
AelfwynThe friend of super powersGirl
AelfwynnA friend of mystic powerGirl

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