611 Baby Girl Names That Start With Al

AlaDefending men, Excellence, Fragrance, esteemUnisex
AlabamaMeaning uncertain perhaps plant gatherersGirl
AladuralkarimahA pious and intelligent human beingGirl
AlaguBeauty, Gorgeousness,Good looking, Handsome,world,beautiful tressesGirl
AlagumaniHandsome Gem,Beautiful GemUnisex
AlaiaJoyful, Happy and sublime individualGirl
AlainaFair one, RockGirl
AlainnaHandsome; harmony, Happy, Peace.Girl
AlairCheerful, MerryUnisex
AlakaCurl or lockGirl
AlakanandaYoung GirlGirl
AlaknandaA river in HimalyasGirl
AlalKurdish word for red roseGirl
AlalahA FlowerGirl
AlamaraAdoring the worldGirl
AlameaPrecious whole; ripe and precious beingGirl
AlanaLittle rock, or Harmony, ConcordGirl
AlaneCeltic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name AlanaGirl
AlaniCeltic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name Alana; Serene; Dear ChildGirl
AlanisCeltic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name AlanaGirl
AlankritaSense, Intelligence, Sagacity, WisdomGirl
AlannaForm of Alana; filled with beauty and serenityGirl
AlannahRock, AwakeningGirl
AlannisFrom Atlanta; an attractive and beautiful beingGirl
AlansariThe supporters, the one who supportsUnisex
AlanzaNoble estate, or one who is eager.Girl
AlaqatA deeply devoted girlGirl
AlaquaNative American - Sweet Gum TreeGirl
AlaraAltaic - Mythological Aquatic Fairy; One who makes things beautiful; Water FairyGirl
AlaricaNoble monarchGirl
AlariceNoble Ruler who is the form of AlaricGirl
AlaryOne who rules the ElvesUnisex
AlasieShe who is honest and noble.Girl
AlaskaGreat land; object towards which sea is directedUnisex
AlathenaThe noble Goddess of wisdomGirl
AlaulaLight of early dawn, sunset glow; thinks about welfare of fellow menGirl
AlauraBay tree, laurel; a generous and intelligent beingGirl
AlawMelodious riverGirl
AlayaArabic - High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely Beautiful;Girl
AlaynaFair one; a beautiful and dear individualGirl
AlaynahLittle female bear: Wisdom and knowledgeGirl
AlayshaGreat happiness; one who of noble kindGirl
Alaysiamoon goddessGirl
AlazraA virginal womanGirl
AlbanyWhite, FairGirl
AlbaqaOne who comes from the open valleyUnisex

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