319 Baby Girl Names That Start With Am

AmaAfrican - Child born On Saturday; Old Norse - EagleGirl
AmaalHopes and expectations.Girl
AmaanatA prized possession, filled with versatility, faithfulness and creativityUnisex
AmabelForm of Amabilis; the most lovable and amiable of allGirl
AmabellaAlways striving to create a good impression, they are beautiful and lovable beingsGirl
AmabelleVariation of Amabel which means LovableGirl
AmabilAttractive yet impulsive by nature, they are soft hearted often turning dreams to realityGirl
AmabilaCompassionate, affectionate and adventurous beingsGirl
AmabiliaLovable; Amiable; A feminine form of AmabilisGirl
AmabilisBeautiful, loving people who are spontaneous and happy-go-luckyUnisex
AmabillaForm of Amabilis; lovableGirl
AmabilliaVersatile, clever and imaginative beings for whom it's easy to systemize effortsGirl
AmableLovely beings who are sociable, attractive and good naturedUnisex
AmachiA god gifted babyGirl
AmadaLatin - Lovable; Beloved; Loved One; One who loves GodGirl
AmadahyWater of the forest; pure, expressive and positive natureGirl
AmadeaFemale form of Amadeus, they are the one who is god's belovedGirl
AmadisA lover of God who are zealous, elegant and helpfulUnisex
AmadoraA sign from god and a gift of loveGirl
AmaeOne who is filled with pleasurable dependence on another individualGirl
AmahleThe beautiful ones, The prettiest, The finestGirl
AmahnaThe end; a high industrious place which needs to be lovedGirl
AmaiaA variant of Maia which means an endingGirl
AmaiahNight rain; cheerful, responsible, satisfied and affectionateGirl
AmairaForever beautiful and elegantGirl
AmakaQueen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by natureUnisex
AmalaExpectation; a positive name meaning aspiration and they are laboriousUnisex
AmalamaniOne living God's life, gracious and they shine like jewelsGirl
AmalasandA hardworking and industrious girlGirl
AmaldaThe one possessing the power of an Eagle, engaged in rivalry and workGirl
AmaldeeptiCamphor; they have romantic and charming personality and are happy while getting attentionGirl
AmaleAn eager, imaginative person who desires to do something noteworthy and worthwhileGirl
AmaleaForm of Emily; a hard working, laborious female with a curious mindGirl
AmaleeA person eager to work hard and achieve heights like a leaderGirl
AmaliLatin - Imitating; Rivaling; Work; A variant form of the name AmeliaGirl
AmaliaA fertile, hard working female who is defender of mankindGirl
AmalieHard working, industrious, laborious and curious individualGirl
AmalijaA Croatian form of Amalia who is a defender, hard worker and industriousGirl
AmalinderA challenging name to have which means a person with a pure heart and god like figureUnisex
AmaljeetName signifying pure victory over the negativesUnisex
AmalleVariant of Amelia; the one who has power and the power to workUnisex
AmaltheaA soothing and soft natured person also symbolises the woman who nursed ZeusGirl
AmalyahA person who has an enlightened spiritual side and is philosophical yet industriousGirl
AmalytaThe one who has power, is industrious and the power to workGirl
AmamaA girl with a strong heart and iron bolt mind also the one without any ego but quite a big mouthedGirl
AmanPeaceful nature spreading trust, protection and the one who is fearlessUnisex
AmanaA warrior at heart who is faithful and loyalUnisex
AmanahA gift who attracts trustworthiness and loyalty also who pays respect to AllahUnisex
AmanatA prized possession filled with faithfulnessUnisex
AmanciaLover, someone who loves unconditionallyGirl
AmandaThe one who is made for love and respect who are active and brightGirl
AmandalynVariation of Amanda She must be lovedGirl
AmandeepLamp of peace; an urge to find freedom and to enjoy life to the fullest they have a restless heartGirl
AmandinaA self expressive, lovable, communicative and light hearted individualGirl
AmandineThe one who must be loved, is active and brightGirl
AmandlaAfrican - A powerful Woman; Brave and Strong WomanGirl
AmaniA name which means wishes, desires, aspirations and dreams to promote peaceUnisex
AmansaroopIt is an embodiment of peace establishing harmonyUnisex
AmantaIt means to express, they are versatile and creativeUnisex
AmanthaGreek - A Flower Name; A variant of the name SamanthaGirl
AmanthiPeace protectorGirl
AmanthisThe one having congenial nature and a desire to be creative and analytically smartGirl
AmanyWishful person who has lots of hopes and desiresUnisex
AmaogechukwuLord's time is the bestGirl
AmapolaA poppy; highly energetic and a humanitarianGirl
AmarachiThe one who is the grace of AlmightyUnisex
AmarachukwuAfrican Igbo - God's Grace; Mercy of God; God's Favor; Divine GraceGirl
AmarajaThe eternal bon child who is a sacred river and the daughter of GodsGirl
AmarantaA flower which is everlasting and unfadingGirl
AmaranteA flower which is everlasting and unfading; forever beautifulGirl
AmaranthaA mythical flower which is everlasting and unfading; forever beautifulGirl
AmarantineA mythical flower which is forever beautiful and everlastingGirl
AmaravatiAn immortal city; The one who is everlasting and unfadingGirl
AmarbirAn extremely brave personality who appreciated materialistic values and is diplomaticUnisex
AmareA person sent by God to love who is extremely handsomeUnisex
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmargunEternal qualityUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
AmariahAn alluring and pure name which means it's promised by the God and carries his integrityUnisex
AmarillaDerived from a city called Amarillo which means shiny and sparkly eyesGirl
AmarineA gem called Aquamarine finding the purpose and meaning of lifeUnisex
AmarisaPromise made by GodGirl
AmariseThe one promised and given by AlmightyGirl
AmarishaFeminine of Amarish, another name of Lord IndraGirl
AmaroopAn everlasting immortal beautyGirl
AmarpremAn unfading loveUnisex
AmartaThe ultimate immortalityUnisex
AmarukaThe son of immortal who are responsible, expressive and friendlyUnisex
AmaruqGrey wolfUnisex
AmaryllisA shining, precious jewelGirl
AmaryllysJewel of God's eyesGirl
AmasThe hard working who is raw as well as softUnisex
AmatA divine name for a female meaning wonderful love for God like a slave who are alertUnisex
AmataThe one meant for love and is immortal just like state of nirvana experienced by BuddhaGirl
AmatallahThe one who is the servant of God and has careful consideration for detailGirl
AmatulShe is the the generous of allGirl
AmatulislamSlave of AlmightyGirl
AmatulkarimShe serves the almighty AllahGirl
AmatullahQuranic name for the one who serves the Allah, the most generous of allGirl

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