50 Baby Girl Names That Start With Anu

AnuAn Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everythingGirl
AnubhaBright lightning and a seeker of gloryGirl
AnubhutiAn experienced person who are perceptiveGirl
AnudeepthiA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightGirl
AnugrahaRequest; Desire; Blessing; WishesGirl
AnuhyaThe one who is unique, unexpected and preciousGirl
AnujaFeminine of Anuj; the younger sisterGirl
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's prideUnisex
AnukasaA ray of light; they are bright and gracefulGirl
AnukritiA small creation like that of a photographGirl
AnuktaThey are unexpressiveGirl
AnukulikaA divine messenger who is naughty and amiableUnisex
AnulaBlowing wind; a gentle individualGirl
AnulataA slim figured personGirl
AnulekhaFollower of destinyGirl
AnulomaThe one who follows orderGirl
AnumA blessing who is a holy stone; mercy of AllahGirl
AnumatiA moon; the one seeking permissionGirl
AnumeghaFollower of the rainGirl
AnumehaThe one who follows the rainGirl
AnumitaThe one filled with love and kindnessGirl
AnunciacionAn announciationGirl
AnupaA pond; they are of a kindUnisex
AnupamaThe very beautiful, unique and lovely beingGirl
AnupjeetA powerful girl who is loved by allUnisex
AnuprabhaThey are follower of glory and an everlasting and shining bright lightGirl
AnupreetA powerful girl who is loved by allGirl
AnupriyaA beautiful daughter and a strong loverGirl
AnupryaA beautiful daughter and a strong loverGirl
AnuraA smart, witty and knowledgeable personGirl
AnuradhaA star; name of a goddess of good fortuneGirl
AnuraginA beloved personGirl
AnuraginiA beloved, nurturing personGirl
AnuranjitaStarry night; delighted and happyUnisex
AnurathaThe one who is self-disciplined oneUnisex
AnuratiThe beloved one who is compassionate and lovableGirl
AnureetThe one with fragrant ceremonial riteGirl
AnurupaThe most suitable oneGirl
AnurupikaThe beloved one who is compassionate and lovableGirl
AnusaA handsome boy who is a visionaryUnisex
AnushaFollowing Desires; Beautiful Morning; The name of A star;Girl
AnushahThe beautiful star; fortunateGirl
AnushkaRay of light; the graceful oneGirl
AnushriAnother name of Goddess Laxmi; they are desirableGirl
AnusrutaA unique individual who is well-knownGirl
AnusuyaFriend of Shakuntala; a humble, attentive and faithfulGirl
AnuttaraBeyond compare; no answerGirl
AnuvasA very smart and witty individualGirl
AnuvindaA relief providerGirl
AnuyatriThe one who is dedicated and devoted beingGirl

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