26 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ast

AstaOld Greek - Star; Like a star; Latin - August; dignified; holy; A variant of name AsteraGirl
AstaraOld Greek starGirl
AstarinelOne who is a like a star; gatewayGirl
AstellaLatin name for a famous starGirl
AsterAn Old Greek name derived from asteri meaning starGirl
AsteriaModern Greek name meaning starGirl
AsteroA greek word which means starGirl
ÁstfríðurOne who is good, fair and beautiful.Girl
AstghikAmerican name derived from astgh which means a little starGirl
AsthaFaith or trust in a divine entityGirl
AsthoreA loved childGirl
AstikyaBelief; Faith; Faith in Scripture and GodGirl
AstlyrDivine strengthGirl
AstolatLady of ShalottGirl
AstoriaName of a place in Queens, New YorkGirl
AstraLatin word for starsGirl
AstraeaA derivative from the Greek language for the starGirl
AstredAn impulsive Girl with a divine strengthGirl
AstrellaA form of Esther, meaning star.Girl
AstriOld Norse - Divinely Beautiful; Fair Beautiful Goddess; Divine Beauty; FairGirl
AstriaLatin name for starGirl
AstridA Girl who is divinely beautifulGirl
AstrigisAn active and pleasure loving individualGirl
ÁstríðurGood, fair and beautiful girl. A variant of Ástfríður.Girl
AstrobellaOne who is a shining star loverGirl
AstrydDivine strength.Girl

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