116 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ay

Ayadesign, colorful or beautiful. It also means 'bees' in Old German.Girl
AyaatThe verses of QuranGirl
AyahA sparkling and twinkling human beingGirl
Ayaka ( 絢香)A coloured flower; scentedGirl
AyakozOne with beautiful eyesGirl
AyalaA doe or a gazelleGirl
AyalahTo create a masterpiece; behindGirl
Ayame (あやめ)Iris; the one who can see perfectlyGirl
AyanaA pretty and scented flowerGirl
Ayane (あやね)A colorful sound; they are wonderfulGirl
AyanehLike a long night.Girl
AyaniA polite and humble human beingGirl
AyannaA unique flower which is forever bloomingGirl
AyarkoColorful; twill and has a childlike heartGirl
AyashaNative American - Little One; Arabic - One who lives well; One who has a good lifeGirl
AyasyaA perfect woman who is the bestGirl
AyatThey prove Allah's greatnessGirl
AyatiThey are from the royal courtGirl
AyauhteotlName of Aztec goddess of the haze and mistGirl
AybreeMajestic and dignified human beingGirl
AydaOne who can provide benefit for someoneGirl
AydiaThe noble one who is also the first born femaleGirl
AyeeshaThe one who livesGirl
AyeeshahThe one who is aliveGirl
AyehA distinct sign boardGirl
AyeisaA Women who is versatileGirl
AyeisahOne who is practical naturedGirl
AyeishaShe who livesGirl
AyeishahOne who has a analytical mindGirl
Ayeka ( アイカ)They have quick and analytical mindGirl
AyeletA gazelleGirl
AyeshaA sensitive human beingGirl
AyiqueoOne who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.Girl
AyiraAfrican - Chosen; Worthy of Respect; Exalted; Revered; A variant form of AugustusGirl
AyisaWell living; the one who is analyticalGirl
AyisahA wiell respected womanGirl
AyishaA vivacious and life enchancing personGirl
Ayishahthe one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living'Girl
AyitaFirst To DanceGirl
AykaiOne who believes in one GodGirl
AylaOak tree, or Halo, MoonlightGirl
AyledA successful Elf counsellorGirl
AyleeA hazelnut tree; a birdGirl
AyleenTurkish - Halo of the Moon; Light; A variant form is AylinGirl
AyleisaA god who is oathGirl
AylenA clear individual; happinessGirl
AylethA native person; naive and happyGirl
AylildOne who is a blossoming flowerGirl
AylinTurkish - Halo of the Moon; Light; A variant form is AylinGirl
AyliuaAn amusing, intuitive and caring personGirl
AylofaAssertive and youthful personGirl
AylufaA level headed, honest and lovely human beingGirl
AymalakOne who is the Angel of the MoonGirl
AymaraPeople of the South AndesGirl
AymeenA trustworthy and faithful human beingGirl
AymelekMoon angelGirl
AymenThe blessed and lucky individualGirl
AynOne who believes in prayerGirl
AynoorA beautiful and gorgeous woman.Girl
AynsleeOld English - Wood; Clearing; Meadow; Hermitage; Solitary; A derivative of the name AinsleyGirl
AynulhayatA fountain which provides lifeUnisex
AynunnahrOne who is the source of lifeGirl
AyoA joy providing individualUnisex
AyobamiWealth meet me, one asking for wealth.Girl
AyodhanaAn expressive and charming individualGirl
AyokaAfrican Yoruban - One who Causes Joy all round; A variant of AyoGirl
AyokunumiI am overwhelmed with wealth.Girl
AyomiMy joyGirl
AyomideYoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name AyotundeUnisex
AyomisioluwakonitanThe Joy of the lord will never diminish in my life.Girl
AyoolaThe joy of wealthGirl
AyoshiLife giving individualGirl
AyotolaJoy is enough wealth.Girl
AyotoluwafunmiThe joy that the lord has given me.Girl
AyotundeYoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name AyomideUnisex
AyotundunA Yoruba term, meaning joy is sweet.Girl
AyowonuolaA Yoruba term, meaning joy enters wealth.Girl
AyowunmiA girl who loves joy.Girl
AypariA moon princessGirl
AyperiMoon fairyGirl
AysaOne who is born for to liveGirl
AysalOne who has a moon like faceGirl
AyseA Stream of moonGirl
AyselA Stream of moon ; FortunateGirl
AyshaArabic - Life; One who lives well; One who has a good lifeGirl
AyshahAn alive person ; who livesGirl
AysheA Wonderful,charming individualGirl
AysheaA long living personGirl
AyshiaOne whos enjoys lifeGirl
AysiaOne who can influence peopleGirl
AysiahOne who is from asiaGirl
AysianA social, friendly, charming personGirl
AyskaA lively, free detailed personGirl
AysunTurkish - A person whose face is as beautiful as moon; As Beautiful as the MoonGirl
AytamaShe who is helpfulGirl
AytanPersian - Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; SereneGirl
AytenSkin Shiny Like Moon; Friend of PeopleGirl
AytzaAn ambitious,sociable and independent personGirl
AyuddhaThe one who has a restless and dynamic personalityGirl

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