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117 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ay

Aylin Turkish - Halo of the Moon; Light; A variant form is Aylin Girl
Ayliua An amusing, intuitive and caring person Girl
Aylofa Assertive and youthful person Girl
Aylufa A level headed, honest and lovely human being Girl
Aymalak One who is the Angel of the Moon Girl
Aymara People of the South Andes Girl
Aymeen A trustworthy and faithful human being Girl
Aymelek Moon angel Girl
Aymen The blessed and lucky individual Girl
Ayn One who believes in prayer Girl
Aynoor A beautiful and gorgeous woman. Girl
Aynslee Old English - Wood; Clearing; Meadow; Hermitage; Solitary; A derivative of the name Ainsley Girl
Aynulhayat A fountain which provides life Unisex
Aynunnahr One who is the source of life Girl
Ayo A joy providing individual Unisex
Ayobami Wealth meet me, one asking for wealth. Girl
Ayodhana An expressive and charming individual Girl
Ayoka African Yoruban - One who Causes Joy all round; A variant of Ayo Girl
Ayokunumi I am overwhelmed with wealth. Girl
Ayomi My joy Girl
Ayomide Yoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde Unisex
Ayomisioluwakonitan The Joy of the lord will never diminish in my life. Girl
Ayoola The joy of wealth Girl
Ayoshi Life giving individual Girl
Ayotola Joy is enough wealth. Girl
Ayotoluwafunmi The joy that the lord has given me. Girl
Ayotunde Yoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide Unisex
Ayotundun A Yoruba term, meaning joy is sweet. Girl
Ayowonuola A Yoruba term, meaning joy enters wealth. Girl
Ayowunmi A girl who loves joy. Girl
Aypari A moon princess Girl
Ayperi Moon fairy Girl
Aysa One who is born for to live Girl
Aysal One who has a moon like face Girl
Ayse A Stream of moon Girl
Aysel A Stream of moon ; Fortunate Girl
Aysha Arabic - Life; One who lives well; One who has a good life Girl
Ayshah An alive person ; who lives Girl
Ayshe A Wonderful,charming individual Girl
Ayshea A long living person Girl
Ayshia One whos enjoys life Girl
Aysia One who can influence people Girl
Aysiah One who is from asia Girl
Aysian A social, friendly, charming person Girl
Ayska A lively, free detailed person Girl
Aysun Turkish - A person whose face is as beautiful as moon; As Beautiful as the Moon Girl
Aytama She who is helpful Girl
Aytan Persian - Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; Serene Girl
Ayten Skin Shiny Like Moon; Friend of People Girl
Aytza An ambitious,sociable and independent person Girl

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