42 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bah

BahaarBeautiful spring seaon; peacefulGirl
BahairSpring season; very good naturedGirl
BahameenBeautiful season of springGirl
BahaminBeautiful season of springGirl
BaharSpring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; YouthGirl
BaharahSomeone who brings the springGirl
BaharakThe season of springGirl
BaharanSpring or springtime.Girl
BaharbanoA beautiful season of springGirl
BahariOne who is very good sailorGirl
BahayahBeauty and radiance.Girl
BaheelaA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheenahA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheeraBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BaheerahAn extremely beautiful and radiant woman.Girl
BaheraA famous and dazzling personGirl
BahgatOne who is born to spread happinessGirl
BahiThe one who is born with the brilliance of beautyGirl
BahiaOne who has charismatic and brilliant beautyGirl
BahigaOne who has social and charming natureGirl
BahijaOne who is happy in every situationGirl
BahijahOne who has taken birth to serve GodGirl
BahiraOne who is born with brilliant beautyGirl
BahirahThe dazzling beautyGirl
BahiratA delicate womanGirl
BahiriyaBrilliant, prominent, and renownedGirl
BahisaSeeker, explorer and learner.Girl
BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyahBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyyaA beautiful personGirl
BahiyyahRadiant and beautiful.Girl
BahjaOne who brings happiness in people's livesGirl
BahmanbanuA lady with a good mind and intellect.Girl
BahnazThe most lovable.Girl
BahriaThe gray one; beautiful like waterGirl
BahriyaOne who is bright and boldGirl
BahriyahalaabidahA devoted worshipper; one who has full faithGirl
BahtThe daughter of GodGirl
BahugandhaOne who uses a lot of scentGirl
BahulaA Star; Name of a star; Cow, Kritika nakshatraGirl
BahurupaOne who is reserved and full of youth; many powersGirl

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