296 Baby Girl Names That Start With Be

BeaBlessed, hollyGirl
BeaddaA battle maidGirl
BeadohildA battle fightGirl
BeaduWarrior MaidGirl
BeaduburgA fortressGirl
BeagaEnglish name for girlsGirl
BeageA little oneGirl
BealdaShe who is beautifulGirl
BealgaA meeting placeUnisex
BeamRay of lightGirl
BeardaA river bankGirl
BeataOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeateOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeatenA form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy.Girl
BeatkaBlessed, Holly,Girl
BeatriceBringer Of JoyGirl
Beatriciepurveyor of joyGirl
Beatricisshe who brings pleasureGirl
BeatrijsDutch form of BeatriceGirl
BeatrineA blend of Beatrix and Trine.Girl
BeatrisVoyager through LifeGirl
BeatrisaA variant of Beatrice. It means bringer of joy.Girl
BeatriseTraveler; BlessedGirl
BeatritzAn Occitan variant of "Beatrice"Girl
BeatriuTraveler through lifeGirl
BeatrixProvider Of JoyGirl
BeatrixeExplorer through Life;Girl
BeatrizBrings JoyGirl
BeaueWe like the fact that it sounds like David Bowie's last name.Girl
BeaulahShe who is marriedGirl
BeautriceShe who brings happinessGirl
BeawaShe who has beautyGirl
BebbeShort form of Beatruce, one who brings joy and happinessGirl
BeccaAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of BeckyGirl
BeccalynnAn intellectual, blessed individualGirl
BeccyShort form of RebeccaGirl
BecharaGood NewsGirl
BeckaAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of BeckyGirl
BeckiBound; Captivating; Abbreviation of RebeccaGirl
BeckieCaptivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; JoinedGirl
BeckyAfrican Bobangi - To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca;Girl
BecokA free spirited oneGirl
BeddisSurname, meanis widowGirl
BedegrayneName of a castle in Arthurian legend.Girl
BedeliaCeltic - Powerful, strong; Exalted One; Form Of BridgetGirl
BedeluueEnglish name for girlsGirl
BedikaPlatform, dais, pulpitGirl

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