73 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bl

BlacaA white and shining womanGirl
BlagorodnaA noble womanGirl
BlagunaFeminine form of Blagun, meaning sweet, pleasant of blessed.Girl
BlaineThin, lean, slightGirl
BlairField Or PlainGirl
Blaireplain, field, battlefieldGirl
BlaishaA creative, sensitive and loving individualGirl
BlaithinFlower; Little; BlossomGirl
BlakeleyPale-skinned; DarkGirl
BlakelyPale-skinned; Dark; Pale MeadowGirl
BlakelynA dark-complexioned man sho shinesGirl
BlakemoreFrom the Dark MoorGirl
BlakeneePale-skinned; DarkGirl
BlakeneyPale-skinned; DarkGirl
BlakenyPale-skinned; DarkGirl
BlakeslyShe who comes from the clearing of dark wolvesGirl
BlanaidMeans "blossom".Girl
BlancA white womanGirl
BlanchFair; White; PaleGirl
BlanchefleurFrom the French, meaning "White Flower"Girl
BlancheflourWhite flowerGirl
BlandinaLatin name meaning "charming"Girl
BlandineLatin name meaning "charming"Girl
BláthnaidName of a blossoming flower; one who blendsGirl
BlathnaidFlower; BlossomGirl
BlayreFemale Version of Blair; FlatlandGirl
BlazeA FlameGirl
BlendaDazzling BrightGirl
BlendennaProbably from german "blenden" or old english "blendan", both meanind "blinding, dazzling"Girl
BleninedAn individual who likes devotion towards work and lifeGirl
BlennieShort for "Blendenna", from german "blenden" or old english "blendan", "blinding, dazzling".Girl
BlerinaFresh greennessGirl
BlerteAlbanian name which means greenGirl
BlessinA woman who is blessedGirl
BlessyBlessing; Lucky Thing; Good ThingGirl
BleuennWhite flowerGirl
BleuzenThe Bretons form of the Welsh Blodwen, meaning white flowersGirl
BlevineA child who is like a wolf cubUnisex
BlidaA very gentle womanGirl
BlimaYiddish name meaning "blossom."Girl
BlissPerfect JoyGirl
BlissanyFull of Grace and JoyGirl

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