81 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bo

BoadiceaA Queen of the Iceni Victory; Name of a Heroic Queen of Early BritainGirl
BoahinmaaThe one who has left her community.Girl
BobbaA woman who is a famus lightGirl
BobbeGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; Strange; ForeignGirl
BobbeeBright Fame; StrangeGirl
BobbetteBright FameGirl
BobbeyBright FameGirl
Bobbibright famous one; famously famousGirl
Bobbiebright famous one; famously famousGirl
BobbyShort For RobertGirl
BobbyeBright FameGirl
BobetteA little one who is bright and famousGirl
BobinaA little flame that burns brightlyGirl
BobineShe who is like a bright flameGirl
BobinetteA little woman who is a very bright flameGirl
BoccaA woman who is like a doeGirl
BodhanaA woman who is awake and expandGirl
BodiccaA woman who is a great victorGirl
BodilOne who finds remedy in a battleGirl
BodileA fighting woman.Girl
BodillaA variant of Bodile, meaning a fighting woman.Girl
BodundeCame with Christmas or one who was born during Christmas.Girl
BogaOne who is good with a bowGirl
BogdanaA woman who is god-givenGirl
BoguslawaShe who brings glory to GodGirl
BohAn expression in Italian meaning "I don't know"Unisex
BohdanaGiven by GodGirl
BohemeA person of bohemian natureGirl
BohuslavaA woman who always glorifies the almighty.Girl
BoipeloA very proud personUnisex
BojanaShe who is a fighter in the battlesGirl
BokilA person who excels in every field; responsibleGirl
BolanileThe wealth of this house.Girl
BolanleOne who finds wealth at home.Girl
BolatitoA Yoruba term meaning how joy sanctifies me.Girl
BolattaGreenlandic form of Bolette, meaning battle remedy.Girl
BolorerdeneCrystal treasureGirl
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
BolourA woman who is like a crystalGirl
BoluwajiRise up with Lord.Girl
BoluwatifeAs God wishes, one who follows the will of God.Girl
BonaA woman who acts in a good mannerGirl
BonajoiaShe who brings good joyGirl
BonelleA beautiful woman with good natureGirl
Bong-Cha (봉차)The ultimate girlGirl
BonieA woman who is gorgeous, beutifulGirl
BonifaceOne with a good faithGirl
BonitaA pretty little womanGirl
BonniA woman of many charms and great beautyGirl
BonnibelVariation of Bonnie which means Beautiful CheerfulGirl
BonnieAn attractive and charming womanGirl
BonnySHe who is beautiful and very charmingGirl
BontuA sensitive, unique and inspirational personGirl
BoondShe who is like dropGirl
BootaOne who heals with plantsGirl
BorahA woman who is like a beeGirl
BoredaOne of the woreds in EthiopiaUnisex
BorghildaWife of Sigmund. A variant of Borghild.Girl
BorislavaFeminine form of Borislav, meaning famous battle.Girl
BosaEnclosure of the guard and defender of cornfieldsGirl
BosedeA daughter that came to world on a SundayGirl
BostanA place filled with fragrance, garden. Also the name of a book by Sheikh Saadi.Girl
BostonA place name, one who got the name after Boston, a city in Massachusetts USAUnisex
BotagozEye of the baby camelGirl
BothildOne who is best in the battle.Girl
BotildaOld Norse - A commanding Heroine; Battle for HelpGirl
BotillOne who likes to commandGirl
BotumA princessGirl
BoudibiuaA person who is born to win; victoryGirl
Boudicait is the name of a queen of the iceni tribe of the british empire.girl
BouphaLike a flowerGirl
BoyanaBulgarian form of Bojana, meaning battle.Girl
BoykaFeminine form of Boyko, meaning battle.Girl
BozhidaraBulgarian feminine form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift.Girl
BozicaA Goddess. It is a diminutive for the name "Bozena"Girl

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