365 Baby Girl Names That Start With Br

Braahmifemale energy of Bramhagirl
Braccafemale derivation of the name "Braxton"girl
BradiIt is used as a surname. The descendants of the family Bradach use this name.Unisex
BradieAn alternate spelling for "Bradi"; spirited beingUnisex
BraedinA name of a place; hailing from the Barley settlementGirl
BraedynThe heir or descendant of BradanUnisex
BraeleighA broad, wide piece of land or fieldGirl
BraelinA person who is intelligent, bright and wiseUnisex
BraelynA beautiful, attractive hillGirl
BraelynnA wide, broad and large hillGirl
BrahmaniThe wife of Brahma, Goddess SaraswatiGirl
BrahmattmikaOne who is the daughter of BrahmaGirl
BrailaIrish surname, meaning a slender womanGirl
BraileeThe name of a placeGirl
BraileyA broad, wide hill that has got a lot of spaceGirl
BraimaFather of a large number of childrenGirl
BralynnA glorious and wise personGirl
BramhaniOne who is the wife of God Brahmagirl
BramhasangeetaA part of the sacred Vedasgirl
BramhilaIt's a variation of Bramhi, one of many names of Lord Saraswati.Girl
BrancaOne who is white and fair in complexiongirl
BrancuA version of the name Branca, means white and fair womanGirl
BrandaFire or swordgirl
BrandaisA wine that is burntgirl
BrandeDerived from "brandy" meaning an alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandeaA liquid formed by the distillation of winegirl
BrandeeDerived from Brandy, which is an alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandelynDerived from brandy, an alcoholic drinkgirl
BrandiA fiery light set up as a warninggirl
BrandiceA beverage used as alcohol; an alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandieAlcoholic spirit; an alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandilynA ruddy alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandiwyneA distilled form of wine; distilled winegirl
BrandyAn alcoholic beverage or spiritgirl
BrandyceDerived from Brandy, an alcoholic beveragegirl
BrandyeAn alcohlic beverage, or spiritgirl
BrandywineThe distilled form of winegirl
BrangwaynaA raven that is fairgirl
BrangwyneThe raven; a black bird that resembles a crowgirl
BranimiraFeminine form of Branimir, meaning peaceful world.Girl
BranislavaGlorious protectorGirl
BrankaThe term used for protection of glorygirl
BrannaHair as beautiful as a raven's hairgirl
BranndaisA liquor name; the name of an alcoholgirl
BranndeAn alcoholic beverage or spiritgirl
BranndiThe name of an alcoholic beveragegirl
BranndieAn alcoholic beverage namegirl
BrantlieA fiery or burning swordgirl
BranwenA raven bird that is beautifulgirl

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