42 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bre

BrePower and strength; ability to subside othersgirl
BreaVirtuous and strong as a hillgirl
BreahHonourable, strong and virtuousgirl
BreanaOne who is virtuous and honourablegirl
BreannOne who is bold as a ravengirl
BreannaStrong and noble; virtuousgirl
BreanneCeltic - Strength; Power; Force; Hebrew - Father of multitudeGirl
BrecaOne who has a freckled skin; spots on skingirl
BreckynHaving a freckled or spotted facegirl
BredaBride; the female on her wedding daygirl
BreeannaOne who is strong and honourablegirl
BreehanHailing from the boundary linegirl
BreehannaOne who hails from the boundarygirl
BreelynA noble and exalted personGirl
BreenaAn imaginary fairy landgirl
BreezeA wind that flows fastgirl
BreezieLike a fast flowing windgirl
BreganResponsible and able individual; level headedUnisex
BregeswithA well mannered, refined and target oriented personGirl
BreguswithOne who is an organizerm talented and reasonable personGirl
BreiStrength and power; strong persongirl
BreighFather of many; strong and powerfulgirl
BreindelBlessing; Grace; FavourGirl
BrekhnaLightning or lightning boltGirl
BrendanaA prince; the heir of the kinggirl
BrendyA sword; a weapon used at the time of warsgirl
BrengwainAn alluring, perfect, materialistic and humble beingGirl
BrenleyA sharp weapon; a swordgirl
BrennaHill containg beacon; a flashing light on the hillgirl
BrenndaA sword, which is a sharp weapon; can also mean beaconed or fiery hillgirl
BrenndahOld Norse - Sword; Torch; Burning; Stinking HairGirl
BrentaA raised land;a hillgirl
BrenynA drop of tear; a teardropgirl
BreonaConfident, strong, virtuous and noble by naturegirl
BrerA brother; bond by bloodgirl
BreshayThe blessed Son of the Southgirl
BrettaOne who is from BritainGirl
BrettanyA British womanGirl
BretteA woman who is native of BritainGirl
BrettinShe who is from BritainGirl
BrettlynA Brittish girlGirl
BreyOne who has power and forceGirl

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