191 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bri

BriAn exalted and noble womanGirl
BriaOne who is from the hillGirl
BriacaThe feminine form of Briac, meaning disputedGirl
BriahA woman of huge strenghtGirl
BriahnaA strong and high womanGirl
BriahnnaA strong noble ladyGirl
BriallanA noble woman from the hillGirl
BriallenA woman like a primrose flowerGirl
BrianaA noble woman who lives in the hillsGirl
BrianaghShe is a noble from the hillsGirl
BriandaA lady of great strenghtGirl
BriannAn ascending oneGirl
BriannaA strong ascending womanGirl
BriannahShe is strong and nobleGirl
BrianneShe is ascendingGirl
BriannikaShe has great strenghtGirl
BriannonShe is on her way upGirl
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeUnisex
BriaunaOne who is high-born, a noble womanGirl
BricheveTo recieve a blessingUnisex
BrichheveTo be blessedGirl
BrichteridA female english nameGirl
BrichtiuaAn old english name for girlsGirl
BrichtledAn english baby girl nameGirl
BrichtredeA Scottish female nameGirl
BriciaA very strong womanGirl
BrictevaOne who is fair giftGirl
BricthiuaShe is a giftGirl
BricthledShe is from the lad of giftsGirl
BrictiuaAn idealistic, tactful, individualistic and candid personGirl
BrictivaThe dance from the hilly areaGirl
BrictledDaredevil, level headed and a balanced individualGirl
BrictuiaFamous, easy going and humble human beingGirl
BridaA woman with great strenghtGirl
BriddA woman with protective natureGirl
BridgeA word name, a bridgeUnisex
BridgeleyA person who is from the meadow near the bridgeUnisex
BridgelyShe is from the fields near the bridgeGirl
BridgetAn exalted womanGirl
BridgettAn ascending, exalted ladyGirl
BridgetteShe is on her way upwardsGirl
BridgitA woman who is moving up in lifeGirl
BridieA high oneGirl
BrieA place name where they produce cheese in FranceGirl
BrieanaA woman from the French chese producing regionGirl
BrieannaA place name. A woman from BrieGirl
BrieghA woman with great force and strenghtGirl
BrielaShort from Gabriela, means God is my strenghtGirl
BriellaFrom Gabriella. Means God is my strenghtGirl
BrielleHunting groundsGirl
BriendaAn open oneGirl
BriennaNoble-born lady of great strenghtGirl
BrienneA strong woman og noble birthGirl
BrierA woman like small rose with prickly thornsGirl
BrierleyAn ashy womanGirl
BrierlyA woman of ashesGirl
BriettaOne who is a strong femaleGirl
BrigettaA very strong femaleGirl
BrigetteShe is a strong womanGirl
BrighdeA powerful and strong womanGirl
BrighidA firm and strong womanGirl
BrightonA place name in Britain, a village near the bridgeGirl
BrigidA Celtic goddess of poetry and fireGirl
BrigidaA strong, firm, healthy womanGirl
BrigitA woman who is exaltedGirl
BrigitaA woman who is ascendingGirl
BrigittAn woman who is ascneding in lifeGirl
BrigittaA fiery, poetic, exalted womanGirl
BrigitteA solid, firm, strong womanGirl
BrigthwynaA strong girlGirl
BrihannalaA person who is importantGirl
BrihctiuaAn indicative, materialistic and versatile personGirl
BrihteueA unique individual who can speak out the heartGirl
BrihtgiuaA person who is a desire system and maintains orderGirl
BrijaA Hindu name meaning seedGirl
BrijabalaThe nature's daughterGirl
BrilaneOne who is from the Brigham LaneUnisex
BrileeA noble man from the woodland meadowUnisex
BrileighA made up name from Brianna and Riley. Means A strong and a brave personUnisex
BrileyOne who is like a briar woodUnisex
BrillHe is from the land of hills. A surnameUnisex
BrilleMy strenght is my GodGirl
BrillianaA name Lord Conway made up for his daughterGirl
BrilynnA female name, a woman who shinesGirl
BrinOne who is from the hillGirl
BrinaHe who is a defender of peopleGirl
BrindaGoddess RadhaGirl
BrinkleyOne who comes from the Brinca's FieldUnisex
BrinnShe is high and nobleGirl
BrinxleeAn english female name, very rareGirl
BrionaA woman of many virtuesGirl
BrioneA name of the vine that is used for healingGirl
BrioniA flowering vine used for medicineGirl
BrionnaA vine used in folk medicineGirl
BrionneA flowering wine used in folk medicne for healingGirl
BrionyA name of flowering plant used for healing in folk medicineGirl
BrisaShe is like a breezeGirl
BriseidaA bristling womanGirl
BriseisDaughter of Bris; Slave of AchillesGirl
BrisenA name of an enchantressGirl

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