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193 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bri

Briseis Daughter of Bris; Slave of Achilles Girl
Brisen A name of an enchantress Girl
Brisingamen Freya's necklace. Girl
Bristi She is like a rain Girl
Brita A strong woman. Can also mean one who is from Britain Girl
Britain A place name. One who is from Britain Unisex
Britainy A woman from Britain Girl
Britane One who is from an ancient Bretagne in France Girl
Britanee She is from Britain Girl
Britaney A girl who lives in Britain Girl
Britani A little one who is from Britain Girl
Britanie One from little Britain Girl
Britanii A British woman Girl
Britanni A woman from the island of Britain Girl
Britannia An island of Britain Girl
Britannie One who is from an island of Britain Girl
Britanny One from the British island Girl
Britany A girl from British lands Girl
Brite A british person Girl
Britenee One from an ancient Bretagne province in France Girl
Briteny A british girl Girl
Britheue A girly English name Girl
Britheva She who lives in Britain Girl
Brithiva One whose roots are from Britain Girl
Brithrethe A name of the girl from Britain Girl
Brithwen A bright and clear frined Girl
Briti To have strenght Girl
Britianey A girl with British origins Girl
Britinee She is British Girl
Britini A woman from Little Britain Girl
Britkney To be from Britain Girl
Britlee A varian from Brittney, meanin one from Britain Girl
Britley One who is from the british lands Girl
Britlyn To live on the lands of Britain Girl
Britlynn Her home are the British lands Girl
Britnay One from ancien Bretagne province Girl
Britne She is of british origins Girl
Britnea A woman whose origins are from British lands Girl
Britnee To come from Briton, a region in France Girl
Britnei She is from Briton Girl
Britney Derived from former province in France, from Breton Girl
Britni One from former nothen French Province Girl
Britnie A woman who is from the Little Britain Girl
Britny She is from little Britain Girl
Britnye A little woman from Britain Girl
Briton A man from Britain Girl
Britta She is of strenght Girl
Brittain A place name, an island of Britain Unisex
Brittainey She is very British Girl
Brittainie A person who is very British Girl

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