29 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bry

BryahA woman of great strenght and forceGirl
BryanaNoble, strong, virtuous; hill; She ascendsGirl
BryaniA vine that is used to heal peopleGirl
BryannaA strong woman who only goes upGirl
BryanneShe is a strong and ascending womanGirl
BryarA bush of thorny wild rosesGirl
BrydaA holderof great power and strenghtGirl
BrygaThe one who is exaltedGirl
BrygidA praised manGirl
BrygidaOne who is highly esteemedGirl
BryleeA strong one from the woodland meadowUnisex
BryleighA courageous woman from the hillGirl
BrylieA brave boomerangGirl
BryliyA brave womanGirl
BryluenA woman who is a good horse riderGirl
BrynA woman who comes from the hillGirl
BrynaA strenght and a force in the personGirl
BryndísThe armored goddess/Girl
BryngerdThe mother of Tonguestein.Girl
BrynhildA fighter woman with an armorGirl
BrynhildeThe armored fighting woman.Girl
BrynhildurArmored warrior womanGirl
BrynjaAn armoured and protected womanGirl
BrynleighAn ascending victorGirl
BrynliA victorious and praised womanGirl
BrynlieShe is a praised womanGirl
BrynnaA woman from the hillGirl
BryoniA brave and virtuous womanGirl
BryonyTo be full of virtueGirl

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