58 Baby Girl Names That Start With Bu

BubleyOne who is from Babylon. A surnameUnisex
BuddhikaHe who is clever and wise.Unisex
BudhanaOne who is aware, one who is elightedGirl
BudhilaShe who has been awakenedGirl
BudiwatiThe wise oneGirl
BuducOne who wears a ribbonGirl
BudurThe time of the Full MoonGirl
BuenaOne with good natureGirl
BuffyShe who is pledged to the GodGirl
BuhairahShe who is the sea, the ocen and the riverGirl
BuhaisahOne who walks around with prideGirl
BuhaysahA woman who narrates HadithGirl
BuhayyahName of a freed female slave.Girl
BuhjahA joyful and delighted personGirl
BuhthahA person who is delighteted to see othersGirl
BujA person like a lotus flowerUnisex
BujaybahA narrator and the ne who transmittedGirl
BukhdanSomething that's sleek, smooth and tender.Girl
BulaA married womanGirl
BulahShe who is a brideGirl
BulanA moon and the month in indonesianGirl
BulbulA woman who is like a nightingaleGirl
BullahA beautiful glow of the youthGirl
BummaOn of carefree and free spiritGirl
BunTo tie hair int a knotUnisex
BunanahName of Yazid Al-Abshamiyah's daughter.Girl
BundaOne with a furcoatUnisex
BunmeA gift that is mineGirl
BunmiTo be my giftGirl
BunnieShe brings victory to menGirl
BunnyTo be like a little rabbitUnisex
BuntyFrom the rhyme about the baby buntingUnisex
BuqayrahName of a female narrator of Hadith.Girl
BuraShe is like a sea stormGirl
BurakhdatA woman who is flashyGirl
BurcuA sweet smelling womanGirl
BurdahA dutiful worshipperGirl
BurdetteA girl who is like a little birdGirl
BurgwentaA strong ladyGirl
BurhumatA girl gentle as a flowerbudGirl
BurnettA woman of brown hairGirl
BurniceA woman who brings victoryGirl
BurumA woman like a flower blossomGirl
Burzin KurushHigh rank or high status.Girl
BusainaA little pretty and delightful oneGirl
BusaraAfrican-Swahili - Wisdom; Prudence; Sense; ForesightGirl
BusarakhamYellow sapphireGirl
BusaynaA gorgeous little ladyGirl
BusayoAdd to the joy.Girl
BusayrahSomeone's female companionGirl
BushraOne who bring the happy newsGirl
BusrahShe was Prophet's companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah.Girl
BustanShe is like an orchardGirl
BusynaA worshiper and ascetic of BasrahGirl
ButhainahA woman with tender and beautiful bodyGirl
ButhaynaA gorgeous and tender body f a womanGirl
ButhaynahA lady with tender and pretty bodyGirl

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