1699 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter C

Baby Girl Names Starts With C

The letter C defines a versatile, competent, and skillful person. Those with this initial in their names are kind, gentle, and very generous with their money. They want to be successful in whatever they do and even work hard to achieve their goals.

C girls, especially, are extremely likable because they are charming, easy going, and make great conversationalists. It’s their articulate nature and excellent communication skills, which inspire and motivate people. They even try to find areas where they can utilize their skills best.

Loyalty is extremely important for a C person. They are loyal, and they expect loyalty and fidelity in return.

The letter C is equivalent to three in numerology. People with this number are driven by intuition and thrive on change, even if it may seem intimidating at times.

On the downside, C people can become very aggressive when hurt. They even tend to take too much on their plate at once and may not even finish what they start.

So if you want your daughter to grow up with these same or similar skills, go for a name starting with the letter C. To help you narrow down the list, MomJunction has got you hundreds of baby girl names starting with this letter. Take a look!

CaliforniaAn US state nameGirl
CalinaA most beautiful young womanGirl
CalindaOne who is prettyGirl
CaliopeA woman with beautiful voiceGirl
CaliseA gorgeous femaleGirl
CalissaThe most beautiful woman in the worldGirl
CalistaThe one who is most beautifulGirl
CalistoOne who is the most beautifulGirl
CalitaThe loved oneGirl
CalixtaThe most gorgeous womanGirl
CalixteThe most beautifulGirl
CallaTo be the most beautifulGirl
CallalilyOne like the lily flowerGirl
CalleighA woman warriorGirl
CallenA woman who is powerful in the battleGirl
CalliOne who is the most beautiful among all womenGirl
CalliaWoman of beautiful voiceGirl
CallidoraBeauty with a voice of goldGirl
CallieThe most beautiful oneGirl
CalliopeA lady whith a sweet voiceGirl
CallisonThe most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and AlisonGirl
CallissaThe most beautiful lady of allGirl
CallistaYoung woman who is the most beautifulGirl
CallistoShe is the most beautiful oneGirl
CallyA very lovely personGirl
CallynShe is lovelyGirl
CallyrThe name means larkGirl
CalogeraA beautiful elderly womanGirl
CalògiraSicilian form of Calogera. It means old man or elder.Girl
CalpurniaA woman of big powerGirl
CalvinaA bald womanGirl
CalvineA hairless womanGirl
CalwaA place name in CaliforniaUnisex
CalybridSaint Bridget's servantGirl
CalycristShe is like a star-flowerGirl
CalyndaShe is a beautyGirl
CalypsoA woman who covers and concealsGirl
CalyseA woman who is very beautiful, gorgeousGirl
CamaraShe is a teacherGirl
CamarinShelterer or the protectorGirl
CamberA modern invented nameGirl
CambreeA woman who comes from WalesGirl
CambreyA changing womanGirl
CambriShe is changingGirl
CambriaA place name, one from CambriaGirl
CambrieAn inveted modern nameGirl
CambrynShe has a crooked noseGirl
CameShe brings joyGirl
CameliaA name of the flowerGirl
CamellaOne who is like Camelia flowerGirl

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