1687 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter C

Baby Girl Names Starts With C

The letter C defines a versatile, competent, and skillful person. Those with this initial in their names are kind, gentle, and very generous with their money. They want to be successful in whatever they do and even work hard to achieve their goals.

C girls, especially, are extremely likable because they are charming, easy going, and make great conversationalists. It’s their articulate nature and excellent communication skills, which inspire and motivate people. They even try to find areas where they can utilize their skills best.

Loyalty is extremely important for a C person. They are loyal, and they expect loyalty and fidelity in return.

The letter C is equivalent to three in numerology. People with this number are driven by intuition and thrive on change, even if it may seem intimidating at times.

On the downside, C people can become very aggressive when hurt. They even tend to take too much on their plate at once and may not even finish what they start.

So if you want your daughter to grow up with these same or similar skills, go for a name starting with the letter C. To help you narrow down the list, MomJunction has got you hundreds of baby girl names starting with this letter. Take a look!

CarmellaA woman of goldGirl
CarmelleShe is made of goldGirl
CarmellianaA noble golden girlGirl
CarmenA woman who is like a fruitful gardenGirl
CarmencitaA little one who is like a gardenGirl
CarmerlitaShe is a cute little girl who is like a gardenGirl
CarmiaShe who is like a songGirl
CarmillaA woman from the orchardGirl
CarminShe is like a beautiful songGirl
CarminaOne who is like a songGirl
CarmindaTo be like a beautiful songGirl
CarmindyAn American name for girlsGirl
CarmitaA woman with rosy cheeksGirl
CarmyaA tender songGirl
CarnaOne who portects the bodyGirl
CarnellaA woman who defends the fortressGirl
CarnieOne who is a carnival workerGirl
CaroA female who is manly strongGirl
CarolA hymn or a songUnisex
CarolaShe is strong like a BoyGirl
CarolanneA noble girl who act mainlyGirl
CaroleA strong femaleGirl
CaroleeShe has a strenght of a full-grown manGirl
CarolenaShe is a free personGirl
CarolianaA female with male strenghtGirl
CarolienOne who is like a song of happinessGirl
CarolinA happiness that the song bringsGirl
CarolinaA song of joy and happinessGirl
CarolindaA pretty and free girlGirl
CarolineA blissful, happy songGirl
CarolinneA woman who is like a happy songGirl
CarolynA joyful song of happinessGirl
CarolyneA joyous songGirl
CarolynnA joy that the song bringsGirl
CarolynneShe is like a happy songGirl
CarpathiaA name of the mountinGirl
CarraA dear, beloved ladyGirl
CarrabelleA dear and beloved beautyGirl
CarreenShe is a manly womanGirl
CarriA pure man who is freeGirl
CarriannaA dear noble wifeGirl
CarrieA strong womanGirl
CarrieannA noble strong girlGirl
CarriganA very pointed spearUnisex
CarrinaA little darlingGirl
CarringtonA person from the Marsh townUnisex
CarrissaA very dear womanGirl
CarrolinA full grown championGirl
CarrolineA little free womanGirl
CarrolynShe is a champion of menGirl
CarryA song, a carolGirl
CarrynAn unsillied and pure free womanGirl
CartimanduaA name of the Brigantes QueenGirl
CaruA lovely personUnisex
CaryannA gracious and womanly womanGirl
CarynTo be contemporaty, modernGirl
CaryneAn unsullied, pure womanGirl
CarynnShe of pure natureGirl
CasandraA famous phrophetessGirl
CascadeTo fall, a cascadeUnisex
CascaidaA falling, descending landUnisex
CascataLike a waterfallGirl
CasendanaShe brings peace by dayGirl
CashlinA very vain womanGirl
CashlynnA vain girlGirl
CasiA pet from Cassandra, meaning a phrophetessGirl
CasiaShe is like a tree with thornsGirl
CasidheA clever womanGirl
CasidiA brainy, smart girlGirl
CasieShe who is very smartGirl
CasildaA dwelling placeGirl
CasimiraShe who proclaimed peaceGirl
CasparaShe who is the keeper of treasureGirl
CassadeeA woman with curly hairGirl
CassadyA curly haired girlGirl
CassandraAn excelling and shining womanGirl
CassandreA woman who excells shiningGirl
CassandreaShe who excellsGirl
CassandrielA shining woman who excellsGirl
CassaraOne who shines upon menGirl
CassarraShe is shining upon othersGirl
CasseAn alert womanGirl
CassendraShe who excells while shining upon menGirl
CasseyA woman who helps peopleGirl
CassiA pure woman who shines upon peopleGirl
CassiaAn empty, vain womanGirl
CassicaAnother name for the spicy cinnamonGirl
CassidyA smart and clever girlGirl
CassieA vain young womanGirl
CassielleThe speed of the GodGirl
CassildaA place where people liveGirl
CassiniA small dwelling placeGirl
CassiopeaA Greek mithology nameGirl
CassiopeiaA name from Greek mythologyGirl
CassondraAn unheeded phrophetessGirl
CassyShe is like a thorny treeGirl
CastaA woman who is pius and pureGirl
CastaliaA sacred fountain of the MusesGirl
CastaneaA woman with a newfound purityGirl
CastelA castle. One who lives in a castelUnisex

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