484 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ca

CacaDaughter of vukanGirl
CacheA place where things are storedUnisex
CachetA desirable and prestigious womanGirl
CactusA desert plantUnisex
CaddieA free womanGirl
CadelariaA woman born in the CandlemasGirl
CadenaA rhytmhmic personGirl
CadenceA rhytmic woman, one with the beatGirl
CadenzaA rhythmic womanGirl
CadeyA pure hearted womanGirl
CadiA woman who is pureGirl
CadieShe who is pureGirl
CadyA flow of sounds that has rhytmGirl
CadynaA girl with good rhytmGirl
CadynnA rhytmic girlGirl
CaelA slender personUnisex
CaelaA woman who is slenderGirl
CaeliShe who is crowned with the laurel crownGirl
CaeliaOne who is HeavenlyGirl
CaelynA heavenly girlGirl
CaemlynA woman from the skiesGirl
CaeraCaera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.Girl
CaerdaAn Italian surname from VeniceUnisex
CaesareaA woman leaderGirl
CaesariaShe who is an empressGirl
CaetlinShe is pureGirl
CaetlynA woman who is pureGirl
CaettiShort for caitlyn, means a pure oneGirl
CafnaA rhythmic personGirl
CageA vonfiding spaceUnisex
CagneyOne who is caged and trappedGirl
CahayaLight or radiance.Girl
CahyaOne who is the light in darknessUnisex
CaiaA rejoicing womanGirl
CaietaLatin name meaning the nursed AeneasGirl
CaigeA wise and wealthi womanGirl
CaihongA rainbow in the skyGirl
CailaA lady from the forestGirl
CaileeA slender womanGirl
CaileighA slender forest womanGirl
CaileyA fair and slim darlingUnisex
CailieSlim and darling beloved womanGirl
CaillaA ceremonial and young attendantGirl
CaillenA potent and powerful personGirl
CailleyA slender ladyGirl
CaillinA girl, a femaleGirl
CailyA beautiful and gorgeous womanGirl
CailynA young girlGirl
CailynnShe is very pureGirl
CaindaleOne who comes from the valley near the riverGirl
CairoOne who is victriousUnisex
CaisA person who rejoicesUnisex
CaisieA piece proclamationGirl
CaitA pure womanGirl
CaitanyaTo have a divine radianceUnisex
CaiteeWoman of purityGirl
CaitirShe is of pure natureGirl
CaitlanA girl who is pureGirl
CaitlandA pure ladyGirl
CaitlannA lady of purityGirl
CaitlenWoman who is of pure nationGirl
CaitleyOne who is pureGirl
CaitlinA fair and pure womanGirl
CaitlindPure natured womanGirl
CaitlyShort for Caitlyn, meaning a pure womanGirl
CaitlynShe is a woman known for her purityGirl
CaitlyndShe who is pure in heartGirl
CaitlynnA fair and pure girlGirl
CaitriaA fair ladyGirl
CaitrianA fair and pure ladyGirl
CaitrinA genouine womanGirl
CaitrionaGenuine personGirl
CaitrynA genuine, pure ladyGirl
CaityaA woman who is genuineGirl
CaityakaOne who goes to templeGirl
CajaTo be full of joyGirl
CalA devoted personUnisex
CalaA woman who is like a castleGirl
CalaisOne who changes colorsUnisex
CalamintA mint that is beautifulGirl
CalandraAn escapade, a larkGirl
CalandreA french name meaning LarkGirl
CalanthaOne who is like a beautiful flowerGirl
CalantheTo have the beauty of the flowerGirl
CalanthiaShe is pretty like a flowerGirl
CalcedoniaFeminine form of Calcedonio, meaning from Chaldedon.Girl
CaldwiellaShe is from the cold springGirl
CaleahA woman known for beautyGirl
CaledonA tough personUnisex
CaledoniaA woman from ScottishGirl
CaleighA slender girl from the forestGirl
CalfurayOne who is like a violet flowerGirl
CaliThe most beautiful womanGirl
CalianaA princess for whom a place was built in SpainGirl
CaliannaA princess. A splendid place in SPain was built for herGirl
CaliceAn exquisite, gorgeous womanGirl
CalicoA cloth, a materialGirl
CalidaShe is the most beautidulGirl
CalieA lovely and pretty girlGirl

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