142 Baby Girl Names That Start With Car

CaraA dear one, a dear ladyGirl
CarafA feeling of loveGirl
CaraghTo love someoneGirl
CarahA beloved girlGirl
CaralOne who is freeGirl
CaraleenA very beloved womanGirl
CaraleenaShe is deeply lovedGirl
CaralineShe is loved and cared forGirl
CaralynA beloved free womanGirl
CaralyneShe is free and lovedGirl
CaralynnShe is loved and freeGirl
CaranaA beloved dear oneGirl
CardeaShe protects the hingesGirl
CardellaA woman's name from EnglandGirl
CareeShe is born a free womanGirl
CareenShe is a free womanGirl
CarenA genuine and pure womanGirl
CareneA little beloved, pure and darling oneGirl
CarenzaA loving and affectionate girlGirl
CaressA very tender touch, to caress someoneGirl
CaressaShe is of a gentle touchGirl
CaresseAn endearing touchGirl
CariA very dear oneGirl
CariaShe who flows like a waterGirl
CariadA darling and beloved personUnisex
CarianaA little darling oneGirl
CarianneA mericul and pure womanGirl
CaridadA very charitable personGirl
CarieA full grown, adult womanGirl
CarienA caring oneGirl
CarillaA mainly womanGirl
CarilynShe is both feminine and mainlyGirl
CarilynneShe who acts like a manGirl
CarinShe is little and very dearGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
CarindaA beloved dear girlGirl
CarineA pure and beloved womanGirl
CarinetShe is a dear womanGirl
CarinnaA lady who is very little and dearGirl
CarisA loved girlGirl
CarisaShe is a loved oneGirl
CarissaA very, very dear womanGirl
CarissimaThe most dear womanGirl
CarissyA little dear girlGirl
CaritaA beloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarlaA woman who acts like a man doesGirl
CarleeA free peasant womanGirl
CarleenShe is a free peasant girlGirl
CarleenaA woman who is freeGirl
CarleighA free peasant girlGirl

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