66 Baby Girl Names That Start With Cat

CatVariation of Catherine which means PureGirl
CataldaA variant of Catalda, meaning old.Girl
CatalenaAn unsillied woman of pure natureGirl
CataleyaA pure phrophetessGirl
CatalinShe is a very pure ladyGirl
CatalinaA woman of great purityGirl
CatalineA genuine and pure womanGirl
CataloniaName of a region in SpainGirl
CatalynShe is pure and genuineGirl
CatarinaUnsullied and genuine womanGirl
CateAn innocent and pure girlGirl
CatelinAn innocent and genuine womanGirl
CatelineShe is innocent and unsulliedGirl
CatelynnAn unsillied and innocent girlGirl
CatenaIt's derived from Italian word catena, meaning chain.Girl
CaterinA pure womanGirl
CaterinaA woman who is pure and genuineGirl
CaterineShe is an unsillied and innocent womanGirl
CathA nickname, means a pure womanGirl
CathalinaA woman who is considered a mighty warriorGirl
CathandraA magical phrophetessGirl
CatharinA pure and genuine, innocente womanGirl
CatharinaShe is pure and innocenteGirl
CatharineA genuine and innocent young ladyGirl
CatharinusA pure oneGirl
CatharynShe is pureGirl
CatheeShort for Catherine, meaning a pure girlGirl
CatherinShe is an innocente young womanGirl
CatherinaShe is a woman of purity and innocenceGirl
CatherineShe is a pure and innocente one, a virginGirl
CatherynShe is innocen and a virginGirl
CatherynneShe is a pure ladyGirl
CatheyPure, innocent and unsulliedGirl
CathiA nickname. A woman who is pureGirl
CathiaShe is pureGirl
CathieA pure dameGirl
CathleenA lady who is pure and innocentGirl
CathrinA pure, genuine dameGirl
CathrinaShe is a dame of innocence and purityGirl
CathrineA maiden, innocente and pureGirl
CathrynShe is a pure maidenGirl
CathwulfA woman pure as a wolfGirl
CathyA nickname. A pure dameGirl
CatiA woman who is pure, innocnetGirl
CatieA chaste womanGirl
CatinA chaste dameGirl
CatinaA chaste and innocent girlGirl
CatinkaOne who is pure and chasteGirl
CatjaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
CatlanaShe is so pure and chasteGirl
CatleuA girl who is chaste and pureGirl
CatlinAn innocent, pure, genuine womanGirl
CatlynShe is pure and an innocent girlGirl
CatoriShe is spiritGirl
CatreenaShe is a pure one among womenGirl
CatriceShe is the one that is pure and chasteGirl
CatrinShe is the chaste oneGirl
CatrinaThe one that is pure and innocenteGirl
CatrineThe one pure womanGirl
CatrinelShe is the one who is pure and genuineGirl
CatrionaOne that is pureGirl
CatrynShe is the innocent oneGirl
CattaThe one woman that is pureGirl
CattiaOne pure and chaste girlGirl
CattleOne who herds the cettleUnisex
CatyShe is CatalinaGirl

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