112 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ce

CeaganAn unisex british nameUnisex
CeanaGod is graciousGirl
CearaOne who is good with a spearGirl
CebbaLogical, sensitive, secretive and practical natured personGirl
CeccaShe was born a free personGirl
CeceA blind womanGirl
CeceiliaA woman without a sight, a blind womanGirl
CeceliaShe who was born with no sightGirl
CecelyA blind girlGirl
CecelyaA girl with a dim-sightGirl
CeciliA little blind oneGirl
CeciliaA woman who was born blindGirl
CecilianeA woman with gray eyes.Girl
CecilieShe who is blindGirl
CecilijaA blind oneGirl
CecilleShe has no sightGirl
CecilliaShe is with no sightGirl
CecilloA blind little oneGirl
CecilyA woman who is dim-sightedGirl
CecyA dim-sighted girlGirl
CecyliaShe is dim-sightedGirl
CedanyOne who is like a cloverGirl
CedarOne from the coniferous treeGirl
CedellaShe is a beautiful princessGirl
CedraShe is the one who is loved and kindGirl
CedricaA feminine of Cedric. A woman with a bountyGirl
CedrinaShe is a bounty oneGirl
CedulieThey are filled with surprises, sensitive and affectionateGirl
CeeIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CeeganThe one born out of fireUnisex
CeilIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CeiliThe one who is slender and a descendant of CaollaidheUnisex
CeinwenA precious gem; a fair, blessed oneGirl
CeireThe little one; a SaintGirl
CeiridwenA fair womanGirl
CelandineA beautiful flower; a swallow birdGirl
CelenaVariation of Selina; Goddess of the MoonGirl
CeleneGoddess of the MoonGirl
CeleniaA variation of name Selina; She is the goddess of the MoonGirl
CelerinaThe quick oneGirl
CelestA heavenly body usually used as last nameUnisex
CelestaA heavenly bodyGirl
CelestiaThe one born in heaven like an AngelGirl
CelestinaA heavenly or a celestial individualUnisex
CelestineBased on Caelestis; a heavenly personUnisex
CelestriaThe one born in heavenGirl
CelestynPerson from heavenUnisex
CeliaThe one from the heavenGirl
CelidaA beautiful flower; a swallow birdGirl
CelieIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CelinaDerived from Caelum; heavenlyGirl
CelindaVariation of Selina; Goddess of the MoonGirl
CelineA hammer; they are heavenlyGirl
CelisaThe song of joyGirl
CeliseThe one who takes God as the oathGirl
CelisseA celestial bodyGirl
CelleenA beautiful and young girlGirl
CelliVariant of Celi; an altar of the skyGirl
CellinaA heavenly bodyGirl
CelosiaThe burning flame.Girl
CeltA musical and exotic nameUnisex
CelticAn exotic name for a musicalUnisex
CelyseA heavenly, dim- lighted personGirl
CempakaFrangipani flowerGirl
CenaMud; also a follower of NeithGirl
CendaA compassionate, fragile and natural individualGirl
CendyMoon, as beautiful as moon.Girl
CenedraA fantasy name derived from CeciliaGirl
CengifuA creative and artistic individualGirl
CeniaA guest; a precious gemGirl
CentaineAn admirable, individual, assertive and kind loverGirl
CentehuaThe only one, unique.Girl
CenturyThe one hundredGirl
CeolaThe throatUnisex
CeolburhA loyal, brilliant and restless individualGirl
CeolwynnWell-read and intelligent individualGirl
CeonnaNaughty, amusing and belovedGirl
CeraA fiery personGirl
CerciA charismatic, sensitive personGirl
CeredwynGoddess of poetry; the fair oneGirl
CereliaThe fertile oneGirl
CerellaSprigtime; the LordGirl
CerenaThe one having a serene personalityGirl
CeresGoddess of growth and agricultureGirl
CeriThe one who lovesGirl
CeridwenGoddess of poetry; the fair oneGirl
CerieIt's a made up name; delicate bird's whistleGirl
CerinaThe one having a serene personalityGirl
CerisCharity; the beloved oneGirl
CeriseCherry red colorGirl
CerissaCharity; Cherry red colorGirl
CerysA lovely individualGirl
CesalieA blind one; a talented musicianGirl
CesaraThe one who is long hairedGirl
CesariaThe head of hairGirl
CesarinaThe head of hairGirl
CescaA blind one; a talented musicianGirl
CesilieBlind; they are talented musicianGirl
CesleeA practical personUnisex

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