599 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ch

ChaandThe Moon; Bright, Brilliant and Beautiful like moonGirl
ChaarumathiOne who is beautiful and intelligent.Girl
ChaayaA shade or a shadowGirl
ChaddaThe one who is born in battleUnisex
ChadiniA moonlit riverGirl
ChadleyA fiery person who is a born warriorGirl
ChadnaA hindi goddess; the one who is lovely and pureGirl
ChaelaThe one who is like a GodGirl
ChaeliResembles godGirl
ChagThe one who is filled with love and compassion; a GoatUnisex
ChaghamaA type of folk music in Afghanistan.Girl
ChagitFestive, celebrationGirl
ChahaLove, wish or desireGirl
ChahanaAn affectionate human memberGirl
ChahnaA lovely and beautiful beingGirl
ChailaA handsome and charming young individualUnisex
ChailynThe pure one who is filled with life and laughterGirl
ChainikaThe chosen one; they are balancedGirl
ChainpreetThe one who is in love with the MoonUnisex
ChairavaliFull MoonGirl
ChaitalThe one who has sharp memoryUnisex
ChaitaleeNew year celebrationUnisex
ChaitaliOwner of sharp memoryUnisex
ChaitalyConsciousness; ability to feelUnisex
ChaitanyaThe one filled with radiance and lifeUnisex
ChaithraFirst month of Spring seasonUnisex
ChaitraName of a month; Aries signGirl
ChaitraviThe natural leaders and impulsive personGirl
ChaitriFull moon night according to Hindu calenderGirl
ChaitrikaStart of spring seasonGirl
ChaizaBeautiful girlGirl
ChakCenter of energyGirl
ChakaAnother name of ChakraGirl
ChakalukaThe source of radiant and powerful energyGirl
ChakarBody's energy centerGirl
ChakoriA bird which loves MoonGirl
ChakraEnergy center of the whole human bodyGirl
ChakreshwariChakreshwari was the Yakshini of Lord Rishabhdev.Girl
ChakrikaAnother name of Lord Vishnu's wife; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChakritThe intelligent oneUnisex
ChakshuMesmerising pair of eyesGirl
ChalamaName of Goddess ParvatiGirl
ChalantikaThe one who has mastered eleganceGirl
ChalchihuitlcueShe of the robe of green jewelsGirl
ChaliceA cup or a gobletGirl
ChalinaVariant of RosalinaGirl
ChallaEnglish - Chalice; A variant of name ChaliceGirl
ChallenShining MoonUnisex
ChallitaThe most beautiful of allUnisex

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