94 Baby Girl Names That Start With Chi

ChiagozieGod has blessed me.Girl
Chiaki ( 千秋)Sparkling lightGirl
ChianaCapital city on the PlainsGirl
ChianneThose who speak unintelligentlyGirl
ChiaraAs clear as lightGirl
ChiarinaA famous personalityGirl
ChiasokaGod is too sweet.Girl
ChiazokamGod has saved me well.Girl
ChibaramezeGod has made me a king.Girl
ChibinobimGod dwells in my heart.Girl
ChibuezeWhere God is the KingUnisex
ChibundoGod is my shelterGirl
ChibuoguGod is my strength.Girl
ChibuzoGod is leading the wayUnisex
ChicaA sweet little girlGirl
ChichimaA sweet and precious girl.Girl
ChichimecacihuatzinA noble personGirl
ChickYoung ChickenGirl
ChickoaDuring daybreakGirl
ChicomecoatlSeven snakesGirl
ChiconahuiName of Aztec hearth-goddess.Girl
ChidhatmaThe real GodUnisex
ChidubemThe one repaired by the AlmightyUnisex
ChiedoziePlanned by GodUnisex
Chiharu (千春)Springs and clear skiesUnisex
Chihiro (ちひろ)Thousand springsGirl
Chika (チカ)Filled with wisdom and intellectGirl
ChikeluCreated by GodUnisex
ChikereGod has createdUnisex
ChikuThe one talking a lotGirl
ChilliCold placeUnisex
ChimalusA BluebirdUnisex
ChimayeA blissful personGirl
ChimayiGift sent by the GodGirl
ChimeEverlasting or immortalGirl
ChimereA dreamy individualGirl
Chin-Sun (친선)The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything, truth and goodnessGirl
ChinaFilled with affectionUnisex
ChinaraReceived by GodGirl
ChinechezirimGod thinks good of me.Girl
ChineloThought of GodGirl
ChineseaA romantic personGirl
ChineyeGod livesGirl
ChinmayiA happy, blissful personGirl
ChinmoyeeName of Lord Ganesha; intelligentGirl
ChintaTension; tug of war situationGirl
ChintalFull of good thoughtGirl
ChintanThoughtfulness; one thinking about comfort of othersGirl
ChintanaIntelligent and thoughtfulGirl
ChintanikaMeditating; a relaxing stateGirl
ChinuaBlessings from GodUnisex
ChinueGod's blessingGirl
ChioneDaughter of NileGirl
ChioniaA martyrGirl
ChipoA giftGirl
ChiquinquiraBlessed Virgin MaryGirl
ChiquitaLittle gifted girlGirl
ChiraPermanent; one which cannot be destroyedGirl
ChirantanaLong lifeGirl
ChirashreeA woman with everlasting beauty.Girl
ChirasmiA long lifeGirl
ChirazCalm, peaceful and smooth personGirl
ChirikaName of a birdGirl
ChisimdiGod says I shall live.Girl
ChisthaTributary of a RiverGirl
ChitLove, she who is lovableGirl
ChithraBright like SunGirl
ChitiLove, one whose heart is filled with love.Girl
ChitleenAbsorbed in awarenessUnisex
ChitraA pictureGirl
ChitradeviAn image; name of Goddess of knowledgeGirl
ChitragandhaFragrant oneGirl
ChitrakshiColorful eyed personGirl
ChitralekhaA beautiful pictureGirl
ChitraliA perfect, beautiful ladyGirl
ChitramalaA series of pictures, paintings, drawings, or sketchesGirl
ChitramayaWorldly illusion, perception of experienceGirl
ChitrangadaOne of Arjuna's wives, a PandavaGirl
ChitrangiOne who has a charming, delightful, pleasant bodyGirl
ChitraniHoly river Ganga, at Uttarakhand state in IndiaGirl
ChitranshiA small part of a story or essayGirl
ChitrarathiA chariot that is bright, dazzling or vividGirl
ChitrarekhaPicture; artwork; an artist's impression or representationGirl
ChitrathiA chariot that is bright, dazzling or vividGirl
ChitrineeOne who is multi-talented, versatile, or distinguishedGirl
ChitriniA woman who is not only beautiful, but also has talentsGirl
ChitritaBeautiful, attractive, pretty, decorated, handsome, good lookingGirl
Chizue (ちずえ)Long life or endurance or durabilityGirl

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