68 Baby Girl Names That Start With Chr

ChrieA familiar form of Cher; addressing someone with loveGirl
ChrineFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodGirl
ChrisannMarigold; an attractive flower that is orangish-yellow in colourGirl
ChrisannaMarigold; an orangish-yellow coloured flower from the sunflower familyGirl
ChrisanneVariant of Chrysantus, a golden flower found in North Eastern QueenslandGirl
ChriseldaStrong, powerful, vigorous, toughGirl
ChrisetteBearer of Lord Jesus, the son of GodGirl
ChrishaunaPure, feminine, womanly or girlyGirl
ChrissaAbbreviation of Christine, or someone who is annointedGirl
ChrisseyFollower of lord JesusGirl
ChrissieFollower of lord Jesus Christ, the son of GodGirl
ChrissySomeone who has faith in Christianityity religionGirl
ChristaFollower of lord Jesus, the almightyGirl
ChristabelBeautiful follower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodGirl
ChristabellA Christianityity follower who is beautifulGirl
ChristabellaA Christ followerGirl
ChristabelleA religious follower of Jesus ChristGirl
ChristalChristianity; a follower of the Christianityity religionGirl
ChristanaOne who follows the preachings of Jesus ChristGirl
ChristanneFollower of Jesus and his preachingsGirl
ChristanyOne who is a follower of Christianityity religionGirl
ChristeannaOne who follows the teachings of JesusGirl
ChristeenaFollower of teachings of JesusGirl
ChristelChristianity, high-principled, moralisticGirl
ChristellA believer of Jesus and his teachingsGirl
ChristellaChrist follower and believerGirl
ChristelleChristianityity follower and preacherGirl
ChristenOne who follows Christ and ChristianityityGirl
ChristenaJesus christ follower and preacherGirl
ChristeneChrist follower and Christianity by religionGirl
ChristiFollower of Jesus ChristGirl
ChristiaA Jesus Christ follower; ChristianityGirl
ChristianeFollower of Jesus ChristGirl
ChristianityaChrist followerGirl
ChristianityeJesus christ follower and preacherGirl
ChristianityiaFollower of ChristGirl
ChristianitynaFollower of Jesus Christ, the son of GodGirl
ChristianityneOne who follows and has faith in ChristianityityGirl
ChristinAlternate form of ChristianityGirl
ChristinaFeminine form of ChristianityGirl
ChristineThe chosen; the annointedGirl
ChristlIce; the solid form of waterGirl
ChristylThe solid form of water; iceGirl
ChristynOne who follows Jesus Christ's teachingsGirl
ChristynaFollower of Jesus, the saviourGirl
ChrisyChrist bearer; ChristianityGirl
ChritianeA Christianity, a follower of ChristGirl
ChromaColour, shade, tintGirl
ChrysaBearer of Jesus Christ, the son of God for ChristianitysGirl
ChrysalisA hard cover that envelopes around a moth when it is turning into an adultGirl

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