20 Baby Girl Names That Start With Chu

ChuPearl;a precious jewel used worldwideGirl
ChubascaStorm at the seaGirl
ChukiBorn in a time of strike and hatred.Girl
Chukwudaaluthank you, Lord or thank GodGirl
ChulaOne who plays musical instrumentsGirl
ChumanaSnake maidenGirl
ChumaniDew drop; a product of transpiration by plantsGirl
ChumkiA decorative star; a shiny starGirl
ChunThe spring season; the season of bloomsUnisex
Chun Hei (천 헤이)Justice and graceGirl
ChunaClover; a plant of the pea family that can also be used for fodderGirl
Chung Cha (정차)Noble and daughterGirl
Chung-Cha (충차)A righteous and chaste girl.Girl
ChuniA scarf that is tied on the headGirl
ChunnaTo select; to choose from among many optionsGirl
ChunniThe name of a star in HinduismGirl
ChurniA river; a stream of waterGirl
ChusiSnake flowerGirl
ChutkiSmall, tiny little girlGirl
Chuya (ちゅや)Something that is pure and clear like waterGirl

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