70 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ci

CiA female nickname for the names ending with ciGirl
CiaThe Greek goddess of the moonGirl
CiandraSomething that is surrounded by lightGirl
CiannaPraise of the Lord; God is graciousGirl
CiaraDark; something that is not fair in complexionGirl
CiarraDark; not fair; dim; duskGirl
CiarranOne who is dark and duskyGirl
CibilA name for fortune-teller, one who predicts the futureGirl
CicadaA type of insect that makes loud noise at nightGirl
CicelyA herbaceous plant native to central Europe; derived from CaeciliusGirl
CiciOne born at day break.Girl
CiciliaBlind; one whose eyes a dysfunctional and disables them from seeing thingsGirl
CicilyOne who is blind; i.e. unable to see due to dysfunctioning of eyesGirl
CidneyA wide meadow; a piece of land filled with grassGirl
CielSky; a part of the earth's atmosphereGirl
CielaA heavenly object; from the skiesGirl
CielleSky, a part of the atmosphere; derived from the French word CielGirl
CieloHeaven; the abode of GodGirl
CienaA clay material used for many purposesGirl
CiennaOne who is from the land of SienaGirl
CieraAn angel; a messenger of GodGirl
CierraBlack; the darkest colour of allGirl
CihuatonLittle womanGirl
CijiInitial for C.GGirl
CikMalaya word for Miss.Girl
CiliBlind; one who doesn't have the ability to seeGirl
CiliaBlind; one who does not have the ability to seeGirl
CiliciaSomething that is circular and rolls about itselfGirl
CiliniaDerived from an ancient name meaning "heaven"; is also the name of a 5th century saintGirl
CillaAncient; antique; relic; A nickname for Priscilla White, who was an ancient British singer of 1960sGirl
CimOne who presides; ruler; emperor; lord; king; maharajaGirl
CimberleighOne who is from the royal meadows. a place meant for the high-born menGirl
CinA reddish brown coloured spiceGirl
CindaSomething that is originated from the mountain "Kynthos"Girl
CindalBright; attractive; shinyGirl
CindelAn abbreviation for the names Cynthia and LucindaGirl
CindellA Greek variation of the name Cindy, or CynthiaGirl
CinderellaThe female lead of a fairytale; belonging to the ashesGirl
CindiDimunitive or abbreviation for the name CynthiaGirl
CindiaAbbreviation or dimunitive of the names Cynthia and LucindaGirl
CindraDerived from the name Kynthia, Goddess of the moon and hunting and Apollo's twin sisterGirl
CindyAbbreviation for Cinderella, Cynthia and LucindaGirl
CinnamonA spice, added to food for flavourGirl
CinthiaOne of the names of the moon and hunting goddessGirl
CintiaHungarian word for Cynthia, the goddess of moonGirl
CintyaA name given to the goddess of the moonGirl
CinxiaOne who is considered as the goddess of marriageGirl
CinziaA mythological goddess, Cynthia, who was born on Mount CynthusGirl
CiorstaidhOne who is a follower of Jesus ChristGirl
CiprianaA woman from Cyprus.Girl

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