61 Baby Girl Names That Start With Cla

ClacieAn English name derivated from LassyGirl
CladineBranched; something that is classified into many sub-divisionsGirl
ClaeferClover; a part of the pea family that is used as a fodderGirl
ClaibourneOne who hails from the earth; born from the earthUnisex
ClairaBright and clear; attractive; appealingGirl
ClaireAppealing to everyone; bright and clearGirl
ClaireeceLatin name for bright,clear and attractiveGirl
ClaireseOne who is famous, popular and known by majority of peopleGirl
ClaireyOne who is bright, clear and famousGirl
ClaneA plant that is herbaceous and is used as fodder for animalsGirl
ClaraOne who is distinguished, clear and brightGirl
ClarabellaAppealing, distinguished, bright and clearGirl
ClarabelleDazzling; bright; brilliant; clear; famousGirl
ClaraeFamous; dazzling; bright; clearGirl
ClarahLatin term for clear, bright and dazzlingGirl
ClaralFamous; dazzling; bright; clearGirl
ClaramaeOne's beloved; loved; a bright and clear pearlGirl
ClaramayA combination of blue and pink coloursGirl
ClaramundaClear and bright; appealing and dazzlingGirl
ClarciaSomething that is clear and brightGirl
ClareDerived from the name of an English riverGirl
ClarenciaSomething that is clear, dazzling, bright and famousGirl
ClaressaA novel, that is also known as "the History of a Young LadyGirl
ClarestaShiny; dazzling; brilliant; appealingGirl
ClaretteClear; easy to interpret; unclouded; brightGirl
ClariandraA clear and bright madenGirl
ClaribelA beauty that is illuminated and appealingGirl
ClariceSomething that is bright and attractiveGirl
ClariciaA clear womanGirl
ClarimondaAn intelligent female protectorGirl
ClarimondeOne who is a brilliant female protector and protects othersGirl
ClarinaA thing that is bright and clearGirl
ClarindaSomething that has a very nice clarity, and is brightGirl
ClarineClearness; having no obstructionGirl
ClarisOne who is very famous and is known by everyoneGirl
ClarisaDerived from 'Claris', which means bright, clear and attractiveGirl
ClarisciaClear, bright and dazzlingGirl
ClarisinBright, vivid, dazzling and clearGirl
ClarissOne who has fame, and is the brightest of allGirl
ClarissaClear; something that is easy to understand and interpretGirl
ClarissantName of Gawain's sisterGirl
ClarisseGentle, shining and has fame followed by attentionGirl
ClaritaClear or transparent; easily understoodGirl
ClaritiaBright, attention gainer and clearGirl
ClarityClear; obvious; free of objections; uncloudedGirl
ClarizzaOne who is bright, filled with good virtues, and is known by allGirl
ClarrieOne who lives beside the river Clare, the longest river in the Lough CorribUnisex
ClarrisaDerived from Clarice, meaning bright, clear, dazzling and famousGirl
ClaruggeA woman's nameGirl
ClaryBrightness and clearness; attractiveGirl
ClasinaA bright woman; a dazzling woman who is attractiveGirl
ClaudeanSomething that glows or shinesGirl
ClaudelleDerived from a saint's name, 'Claudius', who lived in the 7th centuryGirl
ClaudetteThe feminine form of a 7th century saint's nameGirl
ClaudiaAs mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of 'Claudius', a 7th century saintGirl
ClaudieA female form of a 7th century saint, ClaudiusGirl
ClaudinaSomething that is feeble; lameGirl
ClaudineOne who is a descendent of Gods; hails from GodsGirl
ClavelSpanish name for carnation, a bright flowerGirl
ClayneA town situated near a place called ClaylandUnisex
ClayreOne who is not only bright, but also famous and known by allUnisex

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