163 Baby Girl Names That Start With Co

CoaxochSerpent flowerGirl
CobyOne who acts as a supplanter; one who replaces or takes place of someone elseUnisex
CochetaOne who is not familiar; a strangerGirl
CochrannThe one who rules; king or ladyGirl
CocoSpanish meaning is "To help someone in need"Girl
CocolilocShe is hatedGirl
CodeeOne who is very helpful and helps others in needGirl
CodieThe son of Oda, from the Oda clanGirl
CodierA cushion or pillow; a cloth stuffed with cotton, normally used for furniture purposeGirl
CodrutaA determined, talented and fierce individualGirl
CodyrA cushion; a pillow; a cloth that is stuffed with cotton and is used as furnitureGirl
CoeleeA valley or a draining zoneGirl
CoeliHeaven; a place where God is supposed to resideGirl
CoenburgaWoman bold like a fortressGirl
CoeurThe most vital organ of the human body; the heartUnisex
ColeenFemale; a young woman; a ladyGirl
ColekaPeople's win; victory of men after defeating the enemyGirl
ColetteOne who is victorious and an achiever in all fieldsGirl
ColeyneA young woman; a girlGirl
ColieA female form of Nicholas, which means Victory or triumph of the peopleGirl
ColignyOne who hails from Cologne, the fourth largest city of GermanyGirl
ColinaA little dog; a pup; a young dogGirl
ColineDerived from the name Nicholas, meaning the triumph of the peopleGirl
ColissaA young woman who is charming, lovely and delightfulGirl
ColistaThe most gorgeous, good looking and beautiful of allGirl
ColleenDerived from the Irish name meaning Girl, a young ladyGirl
ColleteTriumph of men against an enemy; victory of menGirl
CollettaOne who is victorious, winner and achieverGirl
CollettePeople who have emerged victoriousGirl
ColleyA black coloured birdGirl
CollibeHailing from a dark, dull village with no source of lightGirl
ColliceGirl, female, lady, a relatively young womanGirl
CollynDerived from an Irish word "Colleen" meaning girl, a young womanGirl
CollysA young woman; a girlGirl
ColmaA dove; a stout bird that resembles a pigeon, and is used as a symbol of peaceUnisex
ColombeDove, a small stout bird that resembles pigeonGirl
ColumbaDove, a bird resembling pigeon and a symbol for peaceUnisex
ColumbiaA name of a famous place in AmericaGirl
ColumbineDove; the bird used as a symbol for peace; a small white bird resembling a pigeonGirl
ComfortStrength; powerful and tough; having high durability and solidityGirl
ConaryA wise person; a man who is filled with knowledgeUnisex
ConceicaoConception; the process of conceiving a baby; forming an ideaGirl
ConcepcionConception; the act of fertilization in animalsGirl
ConceptaRefers to the Immaculate Conception of Virgin MaryGirl
ConcettaA reference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother's wombGirl
ConchaSeashell; the outer shell of a marine animal, necessary for its protectionGirl
ConchitaDerived from "Concha", that means seashell in SpanishGirl
ConcordCalm, peace, tranquility, non-violence, still and quietUnisex
ConcordiaHarmony, peace, tranquil and amityGirl

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