65 Baby Girl Names That Start With Cor

CoraBoiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young womanGirl
CorabelleMaiden; an unmarried woman; a spinsterGirl
CoraimaA young, unmarried woman; MaidenGirl
CoralA beautiful plant growing in the sea, that is used to make ornaments and jewelleryGirl
CoraleeA maiden; a young unmarried womanGirl
CoraliaMaiden; a beautiful unmarried young womanGirl
CoralieA jewel that is made from coral plants, obtained from oceansGirl
CoralinObtained from corals, plants that grow in seasGirl
CoralinaSomething that is made from corals; plants growing in the seaGirl
CoralineFrom the beautiful, pink coloured marine plants named coralsGirl
CoralynA young, unmarried girl; a maidenGirl
CorazonHeart; the essential body part that pumps blood throughout the bodyGirl
CordaOne who makes strings and chords; a regular wearer of ribbons and tiesGirl
CordeliaOne who is considered as the daughter of the sea in mythologiesGirl
CordellaThe heart; the part of the body that has the function of pumping of blood throghout the bodyGirl
CordessaThe daughter of the sea in Greek mythologyGirl
CordetteA small, little, tiny heartGirl
CordiaA tiny heart, one who has a tiny heartGirl
CordulaThe heart; the blood pumping organ of the bodyGirl
CoreliaA name of unknown meaning. Also, a name of the Californian metal bandGirl
CorellaA maiden; a young, beautiful womanGirl
CoreneA maiden; an unmarried young womanGirl
CorentineA violent storm, hurricane or tornadoGirl
CorettaAn unmarried, young woman; a maidenGirl
CoretteAn unmarried, young, virgin woman; MaidenGirl
CorianderA herbaceous plant used in culinaryUnisex
CoriannA seething, boiling, turbulent poolGirl
CorianneFrom a turbulent, boiling, seething poolGirl
CorieA pool that is bubbling, boiling and turbulentGirl
CorinaMaiden; a beautiful, young, unmarried, virgin womanGirl
CorineA young, good looking woman; a MaidenGirl
CorinnMaiden; a young, unmarried, virgin womanGirl
CorinnaA young, unmarried woman; a MaidenGirl
CorinneAn attractive, young, unmarried womanGirl
CorinthiaA woman hailing from Corinth; an ancient city in GreeceGirl
CorisaFrom a ravine; a boiling, frothing poolGirl
CorisandeThe flower of the heart; the person closest to the heartGirl
CorissaA young, unmarried virgin; a MaidenGirl
CorissiaA young, beautiful woman; a maidenGirl
CorlaLiving in the seas and oceansGirl
CorleeGenerous and happy; jolly, cheery and animated in behaviourGirl
CorleneA maiden; a young, unmarried womanGirl
CorlieOne who is carefree and cheerful; a nonchalant happy go lucky personGirl
CorlissGood hearted, generous, cheerful and nonchalantGirl
CorlissaGood hearted person, who is generous and nonchalantGirl
CorlyCheerful and nonchalant; A good hearted and serene personGirl
CorneliaA person who is firm, wise and strongwilledGirl
CornieA bony growth on animals; hornsGirl
CoronaCrown; Name of a second century Saint and MartyrGirl
CorraAn unmarried virgin woman; a maidenGirl
CorriA frothing, bubbly pool from a round hillGirl
CorriannaA bubbly, frothy seething pool from the round hillsGirl
CorrianneFrom the bubbly, frothy seething poolsGirl
CorrieA ravine, seething pool or frothing waterGirl
CorrinaA maiden; young, unmarried virgin womanGirl
CorrineDerived from "Corinna", meaning Maiden, a young unmarried womanGirl
CorrissaMaiden; a young, virgin, unmarried womanGirl
CorryA bubbly, frothy pool or ravineGirl
CortanaA sword; a weapon used at the time of warGirl
CortieFrom a seething, frothing pool or ravineGirl
CortnieOne who works and lives at courtGirl
CortnyA dweller of court; a courtier; one who lives in courtGirl
CorvinaA person who has dark hair, like the raven'sGirl
CorynTriumph of the people; victory of peopleGirl
CorynnA beautiful, unmarried young womanGirl

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