65 Baby Girl Names That Start With Cr

CraAbsolute and pure Elegance; DecencyGirl
CradDiminutive of "Caradoc" which means extremely adored,lovedGirl
CramerDelightful; Exultation; Triumph; In Old german it means "salesperson"Unisex
CreasyGraceful; Pleasant; KindUnisex
CredaFaithful; Trustworthy; HonourableGirl
CreedaA woman of Faith; Feminine of "Creed"Girl
CreolaHabitant of the Native land CreoleUnisex
CresannaOne who loves solitude and is boldGirl
CrescenceGrowing; Increasing; Developing; French form of "Crescentia".Girl
Crescencia"To grow" in FrenchGirl
CrescentA variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon; Derived from the Latin word "Crescere"Unisex
CrescentiaTo Sprout; Grow; Feminine form of "Crescentius"Girl
CresenceFrench form of "Crescentia"; To Grow; Get bigger; DevelopGirl
CressaDiminutive of "Cressida"; Medieval form of "Chryseis" meaning "Golden"Girl
CressenceOne who is increasing and evergrowingGirl
CressidaShakespeare used this word from the Ancient Greek name "Chryseis" meaning GoldenGirl
CrestianDerived from the Biblical name "Christianity"; Follower of ChristGirl
CrestinaChristianity womanGirl
CrestonSomeone who is reputed and honourableGirl
CreteVariant transcription of the name "Crecia" or the French form "Creste" meaning peak of a hill and hence people who resided nearby were termed as CreteGirl
CrewOf the chariot; It is a variant of the name "Carew"; It comes from when a family lives as dwellers at a cattlepen in the UK.Unisex
CrewsA family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefoldUnisex
CricketResembling a chirping insect of the night;Unisex
CrimsonA strong, scintillating, deep red colour; Synonyms in Thesaurus include bloody, blush, roseGirl
CrinaLily flowerGirl
CrisannBright; Shining; ClearGirl
CriseldaA variation of Chriselda, meaning bearing Christ.Girl
CriseydeIt is the old English form of the Greek name "Cressida"; Daughter of Chryses; GoldenGirl
CrisiantCrystal; Clear; BrightUnisex
CrispinaFeminine of "Crispin"; FrizzyhairedGirl
CrissaCould be an elaboration of "Cris"; Invariant of Cressa; Disciple of ChristGirl
CrissieDiminutive of "Christine"; Follower of ChristGirl
CrissyAbbreviation of "Christine"; Disciple of ChristGirl
CristaSpanish and Femine form of the name "Christianity"; Also means "appointed one".Girl
CristabelCombination of "Christina" and the suffix "bel"; a beautiful ChristianityGirl
CristalInvariant of the word "Crystal"; Clear; PureGirl
CristanFollower of Jesus ChristGirl
CristelInvariant form of the Greek name "Crystal"; Follower of Christ; IceGirl
CristelaDerivation from the Greek name "Crystal"; Ice; Clear; Follower of ChristGirl
CristenInvariant form of the Latin name "Christianityus"; Disciple of ChristUnisex
CristiDiminutive of the Latin name "Christina"; Follower of ChristGirl
CristianaItalian, Portuguese and feminine form of the name "Christianity"; Follower of ChristGirl
CristianiaVariant of the name "Christina" which means follower of ChristGirl
CristieDiminutive of "Christine"; Believer of ChristGirl
CristinShort for "Christine"; Servant of ChristGirl
CristinaDiminutive of "Christine"; Follower and believer of ChristGirl
CristineItalian and Spanish form of "Christine"; Follower of ChristGirl
CristleClear and transparent, A variant of the name "Crystal"Girl
CristyA variant form of "Christine" meaning 'anointed'; Follower of ChristGirl
CristynEnglish variant of the name "Christine"; Disciple of ChristGirl
CrocifissaImplies "Crucifix" in Italian; Represents that of Jesus Christ crucificationGirl
CrosbieA variant of "Crosby"; By the crossGirl
CruzitaA little crossGirl
CrwysAnother name of Cross; crucifixUnisex
CryWoman of faithGirl
CrydaFaithful womanGirl
CrystColorless glassGirl
CrystaA ChristianGirl
CrystanAble and naiveGirl
CrystelIced crystalGirl
CrystenFollows ChristGirl
CrysteneSanctify; filled with purityGirl
CrystianaA follower of ChristGirl
CrystinThe one who follows ChristGirl
CrystinaFollows jesusGirl

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