20 Baby Girl Names That Start With Cu

CualliGood, a good natured man.Unisex
CucA flower called ChysanthemumGirl
CucaA gambling womanGirl
CucuA grandchildGirl
CuiA Prince; advent of nightGirl
CunoardaA noble, alluring personGirl
CunovindaCreative and attractive peopleGirl
CupunInuit word for coal.Unisex
CurrineDagger; something which is a used as a weaponGirl
CussataUntiring; a zealous individualGirl
CustaA serious and aggressive individualGirl
CustanceMother of Arthur; togetherGirl
CustanciaA skilled, talented personGirl
CustansAn adept, nice and a strict personGirl
CusteClover plantGirl
CuthaComical personGirl
CuthburgaA massive fortressGirl
CuthburhOne who keeps recordsGirl
CuthfledaUnselfish, honest and tidy beingGirl

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