1134 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter D

The letter D in girls describes a loyal and trustworthy individual, who’s always up for helping others. They have a firm sense of purpose and a set of principles, which they follow religiously. This makes them larger than life. People with this initial can even be a bit finicky about tidiness and cleanliness, but that’s just a part of their perfectionist nature.

In numerology, D is equivalent of four, which represents security, hard work, and balance. They are extremely patient and do not give up easily. They even have an eye for detail and think through things thoroughly. So your baby is sure to impress everyone with her planning and knack for organization.

But there’s one drawback with this initial. Communication can be a bit of a problem with D people. They tend to be overly suspicious and cautious of everyone around them. So they’ll need to work really hard to make and maintain close relationships.

If you wish to give your baby girl a name starting with D, take a look at MomJunction's listing below. We have beautiful D baby girl names sourced from various regions and religions. Some are modern and colorful, while others are traditional and classic. In short, there’s something for everyone out there.

Da (다)To attainUnisex
Da XiaBiggest heroGirl
Da-xiaA long summerGirl
DaaiyahThe one who follows ChristGirl
DaanaA knowledgeable personUnisex
DaaniaBeautiful personGirl
DaarinaLovely and beautifulGirl
DaberechiLean on God, one who is dependent on God.Girl
DabneyJudge; one who imparts justiceUnisex
DaboraA BeeGirl
DabriaAn angel of deathGirl
DacaDramatic and easy goingGirl
DaciaThe one from SouthGirl
DacianaRoman name; full of strengthGirl
DacioFrom ArcyGirl
DadhichiA SageUnisex
DadhijaMilk's daughterGirl
DadhinadiRiver of milk and curdGirl
DadhushSomeone who is born intelligent.Girl
Dae (대)The great one; shiningUnisex
DaejaAlready; strong personGirl
DaelValley of knowledgeGirl
DaelynA very small valleyGirl
DaenaOne from DenmarkGirl
DaenerysA created nameGirl
DaesgesageEyes of dayGirl
DaffodilRare flowerGirl
DafinaHigh worthy individualGirl
DafiyaWorthy daughterGirl
DafiyahA female narrator of Hadith.Girl
DafnaVictory; one who triumphsGirl
DafneLaurel treeGirl
DafniLaurel bushGirl
DaganyahCeremonial grainGirl
DaggiA maidGirl
DagiEstonian word for cornGirl
DagianBeautiful dawnGirl
DagmarA motherGirl
DagmaraMaiden; unmarriedGirl
DagnaA special dayGirl
DagnyA speacial new dayGirl
DagomaraA glorious dayGirl
DagrunA secret loreGirl
DahabOne shining like GoldGirl
DahahOne living in betweenGirl
DahanaPowerful rudraUnisex
DahianaDahiana is a Dominic Republic variation of Dahlia and means valley.Girl
DahleaOne living in the valleyGirl
DahliaDwells in the valleyGirl
DahmaA scholarGirl
DahnaRespectful ladyGirl
DaianaA goddessGirl
DaianeOne who is beautiful and smartGirl
DaibaA persistent individualGirl
DaifaA majestic creationGirl
DaijaAlready in makingGirl
DaijahThe one in progress; rememberGirl
DaileValley of loveUnisex
DailynPretty flowerGirl
DaimaForever beautifulGirl
DainaGood natured individualGirl
DaireFertile landGirl
DairricaChild of AdamGirl
DaiseeA flowerGirl
DaiseyVariant of name DaisyGirl
DaishaThe one who is aliveGirl
DaisiName of a flowerGirl
DaisiaAnother name for daisyGirl
DaisieDay for an eyeGirl
DaisleyThe one who cannot be explainedGirl
DaisyA beautiful flowerGirl
DaiviA majestic goddessGirl
DaivyaA divine beingGirl
DaiyaA gift from GodGirl
DaizyEverlasting lightGirl
DajanaCreation of GodGirl
DajshiThe glorious oneGirl
DakiniA demonGirl
DakodaA friendUnisex
DakotaAlly; fuse togetherUnisex
DakshakanyaDaughter of DakshaGirl
DakshataSkillful oneGirl
DakshayaniName of daughter of DakshaGirl
DakshinThe competent oneGirl
DakshinaCompetent personGirl
DakshinyaGoddess ParvatiGirl
DakshitaThe modest oneGirl
DaksinaDonation madeGirl
DalajaPure honeyGirl
DalalTouch of kindnessGirl
DalaryGift of GodGirl
DalbirA soldierUnisex
DaleThey belong to a personUnisex
DaleaBranch of a treeGirl
DaleahTo teaseGirl

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