92 Baby Girl Names That Start With Dar

DaraghAn OakUnisex
DarajaOne who is valuable and important to everyone.Girl
DaraliceVery nobleGirl
DaralisOne loved by allGirl
DaralynDerived from AirelleGirl
DarareaksmeyA bright starGirl
DarayDark skinnedUnisex
DarbaraExotic and rareGirl
DarbeeA Deer ParkGirl
DarbeyGrazing park for DeerUnisex
DarbianaA free manGirl
DarbieName of a place where Deer grazeUnisex
DarcelleDark; determinedGirl
DarceyGirl from ArchyGirl
DarciA stubborn , dark personGirl
DarciaThe dark oneGirl
DarcieDark oneGirl
DarcusStrong , dark oneGirl
DarcyDark hairedGirl
DarecaVindicated oneGirl
DareenOne who has wisdomGirl
DarejaniA form of Darejan, meaning uniqueGirl
DarelOne from the Airelle; LovelyUnisex
DareleneSweet and lovableGirl
DarellWord for huckleberry; belovedUnisex
DarelleGently lovedGirl
DarenaWealthy oneGirl
DariOne who keeps things wellGirl
DariaTrustworthy natured personGirl
DarianaRoyal nameGirl
DariannaFemale version of Darius. It means preserver.Girl
DarianneFemale version of Darius, meaning preserver. A variation of Darianna.Girl
DariceKnown for knowledgeGirl
DarielaThe near and dear oneGirl
DariellOpen oneGirl
DarielleRoyal name for a PrincessGirl
DarienRoyal giftGirl
DarienneSilent giftGirl
DarigaPity, regret or surpriseGirl
DarikPersian royal nameGirl
DarikaA lovely maidenGirl
DarinGod's giftGirl
DarinaWonderful gift from GodGirl
DarionSilent oneGirl
DaritreeComing from EarthGirl
DarjaOne who has GodGirl
DarkhshandaSplendid and astonishingGirl
DarlaVery dear oneGirl
DarleaneLovely personGirl

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