252 Baby Girl Names That Start With De

DeaA Goddess; one who rulesGirl
DeallaAn early invader; protectorGirl
DeanaOne who is excellent in philosophyGirl
DeandaOne who has deep truths hidden insideGirl
DeandraOne who is a perfect blend of divinity and powerGirl
DeandreaOne who has a passion for creativityGirl
DeandriaThey are the guardians who protectGirl
DeangelaAn angel or a messenger of GodGirl
DeanicaA beautiful morning StarGirl
DeannA church leader who resides in a valleyGirl
DeannaGirl who resides in a valleyGirl
DeanndraA divine being who is beautiful of allGirl
DeanneThey are swift and beautifulGirl
DearbhailFal's daughter; an ancient nameGirl
DearbhlaTalented daughter of a poetGirl
DebA prophetess; they have a unique personalityGirl
DebadritaA talented and fantastic individualGirl
DebadyutiThey are as bright as the lightGirl
DebanjaliOne who pays homage to the girlsGirl
DebanshiOne who is a part of GodGirl
DebapritaA person who is very nice to poor; a BeeGirl
DebaraOne who has paid homage to GodsGirl
DebashmeetOne who is fast as a Bee; a busy personGirl
DebashmitaGod has blessed them with a beautiful smileGirl
DebbiOne who has won a battle against the invaders; strongGirl
DebbieOne with strong desires and aspirationsGirl
DebbraOne whose song is a part of Book of JudgesGirl
DebbyOne who is a Bee; untiringGirl
DebeccaA balanced and daring personGirl
DebelahA friendly and charming personGirl
DeberaOne who is as busy as a BeeGirl
DebiOne who writes victory songsGirl
DebjaniA beloved and adorable human beingGirl
DebopriyaOne who is the favourite of the GodsGirl
DeboraFrom the Old testament; A BeeGirl
DeborahA prophetess of the Biblical timesGirl
DeboronOne who is in search of something newGirl
DeborrahSong written in the book of judgesGirl
DebosmitaOne who has godly smileGirl
DebraBee; a song writerGirl
DebrahQueen Bee; a prophetessGirl
DebraleeOne who is part of te book of judgesGirl
DebroahBee; a victory songGirl
DebyanneFate; One who is certain of the futureGirl
DecemberTenth month of the calender; pure oneGirl
DechenOne who can reach out for happiness and joyGirl
DecimaTenth in number; a talented individualGirl
DedraA steady, raging and versatile beingGirl
DedreMost powerful woman; a tragic characterGirl
DeeDark and sacred GoddessGirl
DeeanaOne who has fulfilled the desires and is divineGirl
DeeandraA sacred and most beautiful GoddessGirl
DeeannDivine person; one who is loved by allGirl
DeeannaA divine being who is and master of many artsGirl
DeebaSilk; a soft hearted individualGirl
DeebasriOne who is as soft as a silkGirl
DeebeA Bee which collects honeyGirl
DeedraBeautiful melancholy of a broken heartGirl
DeeherOne who has strength of Durga and ShivaGirl
DeekshaOne who is filled with happy feelingsGirl
DeekshaaInitiation of a good work; capable oneGirl
DeekshanaA donation made to GodGirl
DeekshitaConcentration; one who shows directionGirl
DeemaA cloud which brings rainGirl
DeenaA divine valley; decorationGirl
DeenalA divine, great person; chiefGirl
DeepaRadiant ray of light; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeepaanshuBright light coming from lampGirl
DeepakA source of light; a determined individualGirl
DeepakshiOne who brings happiness in others lifeGirl
DeepalLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
DeepaliA electromagnetic person; filled with lightGirl
DeepamalaA row of light; decorationGirl
DeepanaOne who lights lampGirl
DeepanshaLight of lamp; efficientGirl
DeepanwitaOne which is lit by a lampGirl
DeepaprabhaMost beautiful and fully lightedGirl
DeepashikhaOne who is filled with soothing rays of lightGirl
DeepashikiOne who helps other people; organizedGirl
DeepeshGod of Sunlght; diplomatic and skillfulGirl
DeepithaAn illuminated and glowing personGirl
DeepshikaAn everlasting flame of lightGirl
DeeptaPerson who spreads light; LaxmiGirl
DeeptiA glowing and brilliant lightGirl
DeeptikaA lantern; lighted individualGirl
DeeptikanaA bright beam of lightGirl
DeeptimoyeeA lustrous and efficient human beingGirl
DeeshaOne who shows ways to othersGirl
DeetaName of Goddess Laxmi; fortunateGirl
DeetyaGoddess Laxmi has answered the prayersGirl
DeevenaOne who resembles God and has beautiful eyesGirl
DeevithaOne who has divine powers; blessingGirl
DefenaA popular and sweet beingGirl
DefneA laurel tree; tall and majesticGirl
DehatehA wealthy and intelligent personUnisex
DeianiraGreatest destruction everGirl
DeidamiaOne who remains calm in warGirl
DeidraOne who has delicate heartGirl
DeidreAn individual who died of broken heartGirl
DeiondreA valley which is filled with flowersUnisex

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