254 Baby Girl Names That Start With De

DeaA Goddess; one who rulesGirl
DeallaAn early invader; protectorGirl
DeanaOne who is excellent in philosophyGirl
DeandaOne who has deep truths hidden insideGirl
DeandraOne who is a perfect blend of divinity and powerGirl
DeandreaOne who has a passion for creativityGirl
DeandriaThey are the guardians who protectGirl
DeangelaAn angel or a messenger of GodGirl
DeanicaA beautiful morning StarGirl
DeannA church leader who resides in a valleyGirl
DeannaGirl who resides in a valleyGirl
DeanndraA divine being who is beautiful of allGirl
DeanneThey are swift and beautifulGirl
DearbhailFal's daughter; an ancient nameGirl
DearbhlaTalented daughter of a poetGirl
DebA prophetess; they have a unique personalityGirl
DebadritaA talented and fantastic individualGirl
DebadyutiThey are as bright as the lightGirl
DebanjaliOne who pays homage to the girlsGirl
DebanshiOne who is a part of GodGirl
DebapritaA person who is very nice to poor; a BeeGirl
DebaraOne who has paid homage to GodsGirl
DebashmeetOne who is fast as a Bee; a busy personGirl
DebashmitaGod has blessed them with a beautiful smileGirl
DebbiOne who has won a battle against the invaders; strongGirl
DebbieOne with strong desires and aspirationsGirl
DebbraOne whose song is a part of Book of JudgesGirl
DebbyOne who is a Bee; untiringGirl
DebeccaA balanced and daring personGirl
DebelahA friendly and charming personGirl
DeberaOne who is as busy as a BeeGirl
DebiOne who writes victory songsGirl
DebjaniA beloved and adorable human beingGirl
DebopriyaOne who is the favourite of the GodsGirl
DeboraFrom the Old testament; A BeeGirl
DeborahA prophetess of the Biblical timesGirl
DeboronOne who is in search of something newGirl
DeborrahSong written in the book of judgesGirl
DebosmitaOne who has godly smileGirl
DebraBee; a song writerGirl
DebrahQueen Bee; a prophetessGirl
DebraleeOne who is part of te book of judgesGirl
DebroahBee; a victory songGirl
DebyanneFate; One who is certain of the futureGirl
DecemberTenth month of the calender; pure oneGirl
DechenOne who can reach out for happiness and joyGirl
DecimaTenth in number; a talented individualGirl
DedraA steady, raging and versatile beingGirl
DedreMost powerful woman; a tragic characterGirl
DeeDark and sacred GoddessGirl

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