43 Baby Girl Names That Start With Dee

DeeDark and sacred GoddessGirl
DeeanaOne who has fulfilled the desires and is divineGirl
DeeandraA sacred and most beautiful GoddessGirl
DeeannDivine person; one who is loved by allGirl
DeeannaA divine being who is and master of many artsGirl
DeebaSilk; a soft hearted individualGirl
DeebasriOne who is as soft as a silkGirl
DeebeA Bee which collects honeyGirl
DeedraBeautiful melancholy of a broken heartGirl
DeeherOne who has strength of Durga and ShivaGirl
DeekshaOne who is filled with happy feelingsGirl
DeekshaaInitiation of a good work; capable oneGirl
DeekshanaA donation made to GodGirl
DeekshitaConcentration; one who shows directionGirl
DeemaA cloud which brings rainGirl
DeenaA divine valley; decorationGirl
DeenalA divine, great person; chiefGirl
DeepaRadiant ray of light; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeepaanshuBright light coming from lampGirl
DeepakA source of light; a determined individualGirl
DeepakshiOne who brings happiness in others lifeGirl
DeepalLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
DeepaliA electromagnetic person; filled with lightGirl
DeepamalaA row of light; decorationGirl
DeepanaOne who lights lampGirl
DeepanshaLight of lamp; efficientGirl
DeepanwitaOne which is lit by a lampGirl
DeepaprabhaMost beautiful and fully lightedGirl
DeepashikhaOne who is filled with soothing rays of lightGirl
DeepashikiOne who helps other people; organizedGirl
DeepeshGod of Sunlght; diplomatic and skillfulGirl
DeepithaAn illuminated and glowing personGirl
DeepshikaAn everlasting flame of lightGirl
DeeptaPerson who spreads light; LaxmiGirl
DeeptiA glowing and brilliant lightGirl
DeeptikaA lantern; lighted individualGirl
DeeptikanaA bright beam of lightGirl
DeeptimoyeeA lustrous and efficient human beingGirl
DeeshaOne who shows ways to othersGirl
DeetaName of Goddess Laxmi; fortunateGirl
DeetyaGoddess Laxmi has answered the prayersGirl
DeevenaOne who resembles God and has beautiful eyesGirl
DeevithaOne who has divine powers; blessingGirl

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