63 Baby Girl Names That Start With Del

DelacroixWho lives near the crossGirl
DelademRedeemed by savior.Unisex
DelafruzA woman who is capable of kindling the heart.Girl
DelainaOne who protects; gentle beingGirl
DelaireOne who is born out of airUnisex
DelakshiOne with a lot of fortuneGirl
DelalSweetheart, dear or beautifulGirl
DelanaOne from humid placeGirl
DelanieBorn out of Alder groveGirl
DelaraOne who can bring happiness in others lifeUnisex
DelaynieA dark challenger from the woodsUnisex
DelbaharThe heart of the spring season.Girl
DelbarCharming, enticing, one who captivates heartsGirl
DeleenaA perfect and good looking individualGirl
DelenA tiny and delicate petalGirl
DelenaOne who searches for personal gainGirl
DelennykShe who is like a petal.Girl
DelenthaA friendly, honest and compassionate beingGirl
DelethaA romantic and humble personGirl
DelfinaName of a Saint; one from DelphiGirl
DelfineA beautiful and active DolphinGirl
DeliaAn island where Goddess are bronGirl
DeliahOne of Delos; respectableGirl
DelicahForm of Lisa; delightful personGirl
DeliceA highly immaginative beingGirl
DeliciaDelightful one; person who gives pleasureGirl
DelilaA languishing and desirable beingGirl
DelilahOne who has enormous mental and physical strengthGirl
DelimaRuby or pomegranateGirl
DelinaThey are one of a kindGirl
DelindaA soft-spoken person; flowerGirl
DelisaOne who is born to give joy to othersGirl
DelishaOne who makes others happy and is delightfulGirl
DelissaThey have taken God as their vowGirl
DelizRoman empress; one who gives pleasureGirl
DelizaStable and humble; in search of securityGirl
DelkashAttraction, charm and fascination.Girl
DellaA bright and noble personalityGirl
DelliOne who is a born genius and kindGirl
DellyA noble and kind personGirl
DelmaA person who came out of the seaGirl
DeloisOne who is a superior beingGirl
DeloiseThey are loud, mighty and famous warriorGirl
DeloraSorrow; one who is near seashoreGirl
DeLoreanDeLorean represents the transferred use of the surname as a given name.Girl
DeloresVirgin Mary; one who is filled with painGirl
DelorianDelorian is a variant of DeLorean.Girl
DelorisOne who is dipped in sorrowGirl
DelorusA satirical, eager and rational personGirl
DelphaAn active and attractive DolphinGirl
DelphiName of a place in Greece; hollowGirl
DelphiaOne who can predict future; wombGirl
DelphinaOne who came out of womb; a blessed oneGirl
DelphinePlace where oracle of Apollo appeared; DolphinGirl
DelphiniaA woman from Delphi; dolphinGirl
DelphiniumOpen to emotions; woman from DelphiGirl
DelsieOne who has taken God as his oathGirl
DeltaOne who is born fourthGirl
DeluThe one and only beautiful girlGirl
DelyseDelightful, a girl with a delightful disposition.Girl
DelysiaA delightful individualGirl
DelyssaGoverned by tradition; delightGirl
DelythA neat, efficient and pretty beingGirl

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