27 Baby Girl Names That Start With Dh

DhakirahThe one who remembers God frequently.Girl
DhakiyaShe who is smart.Girl
DhanviA woman who is rich and wealthy. One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.Girl
DhanyaThankful or luckyGirl
DhanyataSuccess or fulfilmentGirl
DharikaSun, morning sunGirl
DhariniThe earthGirl
DharmiShe who is religiousGirl
DharniEarth; Land; King of Land; Lord of worldGirl
DhiaSplendor or glow.Girl
DhishaJain variation of Disha. It means direction or side.Girl
DhritiOne who has courage and patience.Girl
DhrutiA patient and long lived individualGirl
DhruviOne who has a lot of energy; is firmly fixedGirl
DhuhaTime before Noon; perfect oneGirl
DhukaOne who has power and energy of the SunGirl
Dhul FiqaarProphet's sword; they search truthUnisex
DhundhunIn tune; they are versatile and creativeGirl
DhuthiOne who has brightest glow and shineGirl
DhutiSplendor; glowing beam of lightGirl
DhvaniSound made to create an ambianceGirl
DhvijaOne who has taken birth to perform great thingsGirl
DhwaniSound; MelodyGirl

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