160 Baby Girl Names That Start With Di

DiGoddess of moon; huntressGirl
DiaDaughter of morning; dayGirl
DiahA young and powerful girlGirl
DiahannDiana; a divine womanGirl
DiamandaOne who is of highest valueGirl
DiamantaOne who shines and is strong as DiamondGirl
DiamanteThey have a brilliant and of high value; DiamondGirl
DiamantinaThey are messy, playful and crave emotional securityGirl
DiamantoOne which is as pure, strong and sharp as a DiamondUnisex
DiamondAn untamed person; colorless and sharp stoneGirl
DiamoniqueThey are of great and high value; precious stoneGirl
DiamontinaA precious Diamond stone; brilliantGirl
DianDivine lady; filled with beauty and brainsGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
DiandaThey protect men; Goddess of huntGirl
DiandraGoddess of hunting and childbirthGirl
DianeOne who is depicted as a huntress; divineGirl
DianellVirgin Goddess of MoonGirl
DianelysA Dominic Republic version of Diana. It means luminous or perfect.Girl
DianeyGoddess of Moon and huntingGirl
DianieOne who has great sense of humour; steady oneGirl
DiannA burning candle; Lord of wineGirl
DiannaGoddess of swiftness and beautyGirl
DianneA huntress who is also a GoddessGirl
DianoraA divine person; they are advancedGirl
DianthaA beautiful flower of the skies; divine huntressGirl
DiantheQuiet and introspective; a flowerGirl
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DiataOne who is as brave as a LionGirl
DiavianA born princess; they have a unique sense of styleGirl
DibEloquent; one who has given a wordUnisex
DibaA priceless brocade; smartGirl
DibiOne with a golden tissue; a priceless brocadeGirl
DiblinThe fragrance of soul.Girl
DibyaOne who spreads joy and light; open doorGirl
DicleA wonderful river; life providingGirl
DicyOne who can provide shelterGirl
DideoluwakusidedeThe coming of the Lord is at hand.Girl
DidinaOne who is desire and loved by allGirl
DidjaOne who lives in betweenGirl
DidoVirgin queen of a landGirl
DidrikaPlace where the folk rules; harmonyGirl
DiekololaoluwaGod's blessing isn't small.Girl
DiekololaoluwalayemiThe wealth of God in my life cannot be measured.Girl
DiellaOne who loves to worship GodGirl
DiemOne who loves to protectGirl
DiepThe lover of natureGirl
DieraA beautiful lovely creatureGirl
DigambariName of mighty Goddess DurgaGirl
DiggaviOne who is growth orientedGirl
DigishaOne who directs others on the correct directionGirl
DignaOne who is worthy of all the praiseGirl
DihyatA general leader; a rulerUnisex
DikelediOne who is filled with lot of tearsGirl
DiklaPalm treeGirl
DikshaThe one who initiates; self reliantGirl
DiksheekaA simple and sober person; silent typeGirl
DilA reliable and faithful human beingGirl
Dil ShadA worthy person whose heart is filled with happinessUnisex
DilaRight from the heart.Girl
DilanneA restless and creative person; created nameGirl
DilaraOne who is an ornament of beautyGirl
Dilaram QuietThe best that can be given to a childGirl
DilberA lover; a romantic personUnisex
DildarA charming and beloved personUnisex
DileynaA trusted individual; artistic abilityGirl
DilipaThe one who gives, accepts and protectsGirl
DilkashThe most beautiful of them; given by GodGirl
DillianaAn idol of God; divine sageGirl
DillynA sea; one with the godnessGirl
DilnazKudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.Girl
DilreetA Lion; they are hearty traditionsUnisex
DilrubaA beautiful and charming personGirl
DilshadkhatoonOne who lived between 730- 750Girl
DilvaFrom the heart.Girl
DilwynA genuine and fair oneGirl
DilysA genuine and perfect individualGirl
DimahSilent rain falling without thunderGirl
DimaiaThey are worth seeing; daughter of MaiaGirl
DimetriaA follower of Demeter; who answers all prayersGirl
DimitrMythological Goddess of cornGirl
DimitraNurturing one; one who loves travel and adventureGirl
DimitrisThe Goddess of harvest and fertilityGirl
DimitroulaGreek Goddess of harvest; corn landGirl
DimitryA Goddess of fertility and cornGirl
DimosA special type of cotton clothGirl
DinDimple; small indication that forms in the cheekGirl
DinaA valley which is filled with beautiful flowersGirl
DinadiTrembling water body; a riverGirl
DinahA vindicated being; Jacob's daughterGirl
DinaleeA divine person; advent of a heavenly figureGirl
DinamaniJewel of the day; The SunUnisex
DinaraA treasured individual; a sensitive personGirl
DinazA religious song or music.Girl
DinbanuA woman who is extremely attached to her faith.Girl
DineYiddish form of Dinah, meaning judgment.Girl
DineoOne who has a hearty kingdomGirl

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