146 Baby Girl Names That Start With Do

DoA person who is independent,confident and has qualities like a leader.Unisex
DoaaTo Pray, a voice of heart ,Source of connection with God.Girl
DoannaA person who is smart,intelligent and fun to be withGirl
DoanneLow and rolling hills.Girl
DobaA person who is studious,clever and of practical natureGirl
DobreIn Judaism it means good or kindUnisex
DociaA person with good reputationGirl
DodaA person who is reserved,dignified and well lovedGirl
DoddIt is used to denote a lumpish personUnisex
DoddeA person who is adaptable and creativeUnisex
DodiA well loved person; famous and versatileGirl
DodieIt means 'Gift of God'Girl
DodoIt means precious Gift of God; his uncleUnisex
DodyGod's Gift, A person who is well lovedGirl
DofiThe second child after twinsGirl
DogaIt means 'Nature'; they are in love with nature and GodGirl
DoggIcelandic word for dew.Girl
Doi (土井)It means mountain or earthUnisex
DoiminicBelonging to God ,LordlyUnisex
DojinIt means path of loveUnisex
DokaiWay steps,Unisex
DolA variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.Girl
DolaSwing , Oscillating; one who is eager for knowledgeUnisex
DolanUnlucky , Unfortunate; a black haired personUnisex
DolfNoble wolf; they are responsible and kind peopleUnisex
DoliIts historical meaning is 'Bluebird'Girl
DolinaIt means ruler of the world.Girl
DollVision, It means Gift of GodGirl
DolleyDerived from the word dolly it means 'Gift of God'Girl
DollieVision , It also means Gift of godGirl
DollyGift of God; a blessingGirl
DoloraIts a derivative of German name Dolores which means 'Sorrow'Girl
DoloreaVirgin Mary of SorrowsGirl
DoloresIt's derived meaning in Spanish means 'Sorrow'Girl
DolorisIt means 'Sorrow' in SpanishGirl
DolorosaWay of Suffering,Painful pathGirl
DolyVision ,Gift of godGirl
DomaOne who belongs to the LordGirl
DomaniTomorrow; one who does advance planningUnisex
DomenicaOne who belongs to GodGirl
DomeniqueIt means someone who is unique and specialUnisex
DomicelaLittle Tamed One; belongs to EarthGirl
DomincaA Famous Saint; one who belongs to the LordGirl
DomingaOne who is born on the day of the LordGirl
DominicaOne who is very close to LordGirl
DominikaOne who belongs to the Lord and is a masterGirl
DominiqueA special person who belongs to the GodGirl
DominoIt means master of allUnisex
DomnevaSomeome who can easily mingle with peopleGirl

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