146 Baby Girl Names That Start With Do

DomoniqueA Lord; they have a very clever mind and active bodyUnisex
DonaLady; one who is very respectableGirl
DonaldaThey are the masters who rule manyGirl
DonaldinaWorld Ruler; a great leaderGirl
DonataGiven by GodGirl
DonatasOne who is being given a hand; helping natureGirl
DonatellaBeautiful Gift of GodGirl
DonaverCapability of doing or accomplishing somethingUnisex
DondaPinkish and small stonesGirl
DondyAn outgoing and youthful personGirl
DoneaThey can easily relate and spread happinessGirl
DonellaElfin Girl who has Dark hairedGirl
DonelleIn italian it means lady.Girl
DoniaA person who rules everybody.Girl
DonicaIts latin meaning means to 'Give'Girl
DonielleA lady who is very respectful and honouredGirl
DonitaWorld MightyGirl
DonkaFeminine form of Andon, meaning priceless.Girl
DonnaIt means a respectful title given to a lady.Girl
DonneaThey are able, naughty and naive human beingGirl
DonnicaMorning Star; one who is determined and reasonableGirl
DonnieForm of Donn; one who is from underworldGirl
DonomaSight of the Sun; one who belongs to EarthGirl
DooneOne who is great in expressing themselvesGirl
DooriyaA radiant and shining masterGirl
DoraGod's gift on EarthGirl
DoraineA person who is loved by allGirl
DoratheaWonderful and lovely gift of GodGirl
DorathyOne who has vision; gift of GodGirl
Dorcasa female deer; a GazelleGirl
DorceyOne who is dark in colorGirl
DordiA gift from God.Girl
DoreHabitational name meaning a blondeGirl
DoreaSea; one who came out of oceanGirl
DoreenA beautiful yet moody personGirl
DoreenaName of an Assyrian village in IraqGirl
DorelEstonian form of Dorothy. It means gift of God.Girl
DoreneStady worker; blonde personGirl
DoresPain and sufferingGirl
DoreteA gift sent by God; trustworthyGirl
DorethaGift of God; a determined personGirl
DoretteA wonderful human being who is a giftGirl
DoriMother of sea nymphs; daughter of OceanGirl
DoriaA Legendary Greek Hero; they are braveGirl
DorianaOne who belongs to the sea; a sea creatureGirl
DorianeA young, bright and worthy individualGirl
DorianneThe one who belongs to the sea and comes out of itGirl
DorieBeautiful daughter of OceanusGirl
DorikaA precous gift sent from heavenGirl

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