1425 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter E

Baby Girl Names Starts With E

This strong vowel conveys compassion, gentleness, love, and incredible sense of humor. If you give your daughter this initial, she’ll be extremely social and will value friendships and relationships more than anything. She’s also likely to be adventurous and active, and tends to enjoy the finer things in life.

Being equivalent to number five in numerology, E baby girls are supremely adaptable and energetic. They excel at multitasking successfully.

The drawback of this letter is that your baby can get bored easily. She’ll find it difficult to pay attention to one thing or may struggle to work on projects she does not enjoy. Also, girls with this initial are extremely fond of freedom and hate unsolicited advice or interference. Their desire to be independent often pushes their loved ones away, but we believe they can easily win them over again with their charming smile and magnetic personality.

Elizabeth, Erin, and Emily are considered the most popular baby girl names starting with the letter E, but there are a bunch of others waiting to be discovered. And you’ll find most of these undiscovered gems in MomJunction's list below. Take a look!

EbrillA person who is born in april; has deep desire to travelGirl
Ebtissampleasing face; smileGirl
EbunoluwaThe God's giftGirl
EcaterinaAn affectionate, innocent and pure chaste beingGirl
EccaOnly one; Born to help othersUnisex
EccelOne who is exceptionally good; a great individualGirl
EcchumatiFlowing water;river;spontaneousGirl
EcePopular person like a beautiful queen; attractive oneGirl
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic nameUnisex
EcgwynnBlessed and fair being; self assertive personUnisex
EchaTo give blessings; to give good thingsGirl
EchamatiA fresh stream of waterGirl
EchoA deep voice; sound; mythological nymphGirl
EcrinReward, Gift of GodGirl
EdaA wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered; to strive for wealthGirl
EdaleneA noble queen like womanGirl
EdalineA noble leader; king; one who has ability to actGirl
EdanaFire ; a tiny little flameGirl
EddaOne with clear vision; great grandmother inheritanceGirl
EddenDelight; joy; One who has great ambition and strengthGirl
EddiOne who always provides pleasureGirl
Eddivapowerful divine personGirl
EddizOne who brings joy one who is rich and happyGirl
EddusaOne who has strong spirit and is idealisticGirl
EddyeAn independent; protector and saviour; wealthy friendUnisex
EdeA noble and kind hearted individualGirl
EdedOne who is full of joy and is a delightUnisex
EdeeStrive for wealth; to get good profit after a deal or winning a warGirl
EdeenaAn uncertain person;pleasing; divine; like a godGirl
EdekinOne who is good natured and friendlyGirl
EdeliaOne who is always young and freshGirl
EdelieHaving high priciples and qualitiesGirl
EdelinaGod is gracious; one who is rich or blessedGirl
EdelineAn honorable person; ornamentGirl
EdelleA superior person; has excellent tasteGirl
EdelmarOne who is famous for noble personalityUnisex
EdelmiraPrincess; one who is great and famous personGirl
EdelotA reputed, intelligent and ethical beingGirl
EdeltraudOne who is born of noble and hardGirl
EdeltrautOne who belongs to a noble familyGirl
EdeltrudThe one who has massive superior strengthGirl
EdeltrudeOne who is born with fighting spirit; strengthGirl
EdenA place of delight; joyous and happy placeGirl
EdenaA delightful person; core; centreGirl
EdeniaA secure place in paradiseGirl
EdeuaOne who is born to live and prosperGirl
EdevaAn expensive giftGirl
EdgidaMade of goat skin shieldGirl
EdgidiaWarrior using goat skin shieldGirl
EdgythA brave and powerful warriorGirl
EdhaThe sacred one who is very vigilantGirl
EdhidaOne who is joyful and happyGirl
EdhitaA happy natured person who is in loveGirl
EdhithaThe one who is prosperous and lovelyGirl
EdhivaA happy song which is very sweetGirl
EdiThe one who is rich in warGirl
EdidThe one who has a habit of being joyfulUnisex
EdidaA joyous and prosperous workerGirl
EdieBringing wealth and success from the warGirl
EdiedA rich and famous personGirl
EdietOne who is known to bring success in every areaGirl
EdiheOne who has been flourishing financiallyGirl
EdildOne who can bring successGirl
EdildaOne who has fought the war; found victoryGirl
EdineOne who came from EdinburghGirl
EditaThey are sucessful in warfareGirl
EditeRich battleGirl
EdithProsperous in WarGirl
EdithaBlessed to be successful person or individualGirl
EditheOne who is striving for wealthGirl
EdittaA rich gift; a very efficient presentGirl
EdiuaAggressive and encouraging human beingGirl
EdivaWork hard for wealth and healthGirl
EdlaA born Princess; they are efficient and joyousGirl
EdlenOne who is like a high waterfallUnisex
EdmandaRich helper; one who helps the needyGirl
EdmondaThe clean one who is like a guardianGirl
EdmoniaA wealthy person who is like a queenGirl
EdnaRejuvenation; one who needs relaxationGirl
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl
EdomaBelongng to God; they are the one who are faithfulGirl
EdonLoved and independent beingGirl
EdoneaA kind hearted person; generousGirl
EdoniaOf high standards; Wealthy rulerGirl
EdonyNordic Goddess of immoralityGirl
EdraPowerful and happy oneGirl
EdreaOne who is rich and powerful; of high authorityGirl
EdriaPossesive of great power and strength;MightyGirl
EdriceA prosperous rulerGirl
EdrieA blessed guardianGirl
EdritThey are talented and kind heartedGirl
EdusaGoddess of childrenGirl
EduwigesFighting woman; one who is a good speakerGirl
EdvigBattle; fight for ContentionGirl
EdvigeContention and strifeGirl
EdwardeenWealthy protector and filled with conciousnessGirl
EdwardeneRich defender; one who is like a wealthy guardGirl
EdwardinaGuardian of riches; one who has great desireGirl

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