1425 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter E

Baby Girl Names Starts With E

This strong vowel conveys compassion, gentleness, love, and incredible sense of humor. If you give your daughter this initial, she’ll be extremely social and will value friendships and relationships more than anything. She’s also likely to be adventurous and active, and tends to enjoy the finer things in life.

Being equivalent to number five in numerology, E baby girls are supremely adaptable and energetic. They excel at multitasking successfully.

The drawback of this letter is that your baby can get bored easily. She’ll find it difficult to pay attention to one thing or may struggle to work on projects she does not enjoy. Also, girls with this initial are extremely fond of freedom and hate unsolicited advice or interference. Their desire to be independent often pushes their loved ones away, but we believe they can easily win them over again with their charming smile and magnetic personality.

Elizabeth, Erin, and Emily are considered the most popular baby girl names starting with the letter E, but there are a bunch of others waiting to be discovered. And you’ll find most of these undiscovered gems in MomJunction's list below. Take a look!

EdwardineWealthy defender; they are guarding the propertyGirl
EdwardyneOne who is wealthy defenderGirl
EdweenaRich in friendship; one who has aged like wineGirl
EdwenaWealthy friend; one who has a rich heartGirl
EdwienaRich in friendship; onw who cares a lotGirl
EdwigeRefuge from war; they are independent and confidenGirl
EdwinaA successful friend; a rich and wealthy friendGirl
EdwincWarrior; one who has varied experiencesGirl
EdwinnaGood friend; one who is rich in friendshipGirl
EdwynaA valuable and wealthy friendGirl
EdyWho can strife for wealthGirl
EdyeOne who is attractive and well manneredGirl
EdynaOne who came from edinburghGirl
EdytaA rich present; one which is efficientGirl
EdythA rare and wonderful giftgirl
EdythaA neat and wealthy presentGirl
EdytheThe gifts or possessions won after the wargirl
EdyvaLuxirious and costly presentsGirl
EedenOne who can provide pleasureGirl
Eegapalm bird who loves to flyUnisex
EeliTo ascend; uplifted soul and spiritUnisex
EelinThey are the warrior of intelligenceGirl
EelisiGreenlandic spelling of Êlise, which means pledged to God.Girl
EemeliOne who is filled with rivalryGirl
EenakshiA doe eyed woman.Girl
EeshaIndian Goddess Parvati; PurityGirl
EeshaniWife of Lord Shiva; name of Indian Goddess ParvatiGirl
EeshikaA powerful arrowGirl
EeshtaBeloved; Name of Godess lakshmiGirl
EevaA life giving personGirl
EevonneYew; a coniferous tree which has red berry-like fruitsGirl
EfaThe story of life; they are efficientGirl
EfemenaHere is my wealthUnisex
EferhildA strong warriorGirl
EferhildaWarrior who is strong as BearGirl
EfetoboWealth is achievedUnisex
EffaFair speaking person or speechGirl
EffatVirtue, or chastityGirl
EffeWell spoken; one who tells the truthGirl
EffemiaA refined and sweet spoken personGirl
EffiA good speaker; they are majestic and charmingGirl
EffiaA girl born on FridayGirl
EffieGood reputation among othersGirl
EffyOne who has beautiful wordsGirl
EfharisGood grace; they are innocence and charmGirl
EfiaBorn on fridayGirl
EfigeniaThe one who is born to be strongGirl
EfleadA good and majestic great leaderGirl
EfrosiniA fawn; bird like creatureGirl
EftychiaHappiness and prosper beingsGirl
EfuaThey are born on fridayGirl
EfuruDaughter of heaven; they are blessedGirl
EfyOne who is pleasant; good reputationGirl
EganFire;young fighterGirl
EgbertaA shining sword which has a lot of potentialGirl
EgberthaBright sword; onw which is shining and lavishGirl
EgbertheA brilliant sword which is uniqueGirl
EgbertinaA shinning sword which can killGirl
EgbertineA pointed edge of sword; very sharpGirl
EgbertynaBright sword; which is very powerfulGirl
EgbertyneA bright and shinning swordGirl
EgefrideA peace loving individual who is blessedGirl
EgelfrideOne who is filled with harmony and calmnessGirl
EgelinaOne who has the power of an EagleGirl
EghwrudjakporI have come to stayUnisex
EgidiaGoat skin; also means a cute kidGirl
EglantineWild rose;Botanical nameGirl
EglentinaWild rose; Botanical name of flowerGirl
EgyptA vast expand of land or fortressGirl
EhimayaOne who is an all prevading intelligentGirl
EhliiA noble and brave hearted personUnisex
EhrenA honourable and kind hearted individualUnisex
EhteramRespect; Consideration; Admiration; A variant spelling is Ehtiram and IhtiramGirl
EibhlinShining BrilliantGirl
EidelGentle one; noble and kind personGirl
EiderBeautiful and pretty haired ladyGirl
EidiFestival or feast day.Girl
EiditaWealthy; joyous and responsible personGirl
EidithRich or blessed; the one who is secureGirl
EidraRich and powerful; with great responsibilityGirl
EidythJoyous and loving personGirl
EidythaJoyous and lovely personGirl
EieshaPurity; name of Muhammad's wife; aliveGirl
EihUncountable; an oak tree who loves free detailedGirl
EiichiA notable and powerful ruler who is brightGirl
EijaHappy and bright person who is studious naturedGirl
EijiCheerful and one second; eternityGirl
EikOne who gives laughter; strong as a Oak treeGirl
EilaThe daughter of manu who is like the EarthGirl
EilahJuniper tree; oak; one who lives foreverGirl
EilariaCheerful; merry; one who has a great love for natureGirl
EilatA grove of tall trees; Pistacia treeGirl
EileA famous mythological irish queen; practical oneGirl
EileanOne who is filled with light; Hazelnut treeGirl
EileenShining bright light; Strong as HazelnutGirl
EileeneLight source which is bright and shiningGirl
EileneHazelnut; a very strong guardGirl

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