1425 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter E

Baby Girl Names Starts With E

This strong vowel conveys compassion, gentleness, love, and incredible sense of humor. If you give your daughter this initial, she’ll be extremely social and will value friendships and relationships more than anything. She’s also likely to be adventurous and active, and tends to enjoy the finer things in life.

Being equivalent to number five in numerology, E baby girls are supremely adaptable and energetic. They excel at multitasking successfully.

The drawback of this letter is that your baby can get bored easily. She’ll find it difficult to pay attention to one thing or may struggle to work on projects she does not enjoy. Also, girls with this initial are extremely fond of freedom and hate unsolicited advice or interference. Their desire to be independent often pushes their loved ones away, but we believe they can easily win them over again with their charming smile and magnetic personality.

Elizabeth, Erin, and Emily are considered the most popular baby girl names starting with the letter E, but there are a bunch of others waiting to be discovered. And you’ll find most of these undiscovered gems in MomJunction's list below. Take a look!

EileuaOne who is talented and understandingGirl
EileueA likable person who loves to travelGirl
EileveOne who believes in GodGirl
EileyJuniper tree; Hazelnut which is free detailedGirl
EilianaA Hebrew saying means My God has answeredGirl
EilidhOne who emits lightGirl
EilieuaBright and beautifulGirl
EilieueA happy go lucky, spontaneous personGirl
EilikaSword tip; a serious minded and diplomatic personGirl
EilinA Hazelnut tree; a sweet singing birdGirl
EilingBird; a versatile and creative beingGirl
EilirButterfly; one who is spontaneous and alluringGirl
EilisGod is my Oath; one who is a devoted personGirl
EilishConvenat with God; a pledgeUnisex
EiliyahThe Beautiful One to Grow in Peace and Love with God; A variant spelling is IliyaGirl
EilleenBright and shining lightGirl
EilleyShinning, bright lightGirl
EillivaIndependent, noble and faithful beingGirl
EilonwyA very beautiful princessGirl
EilunedA perfect image or an idolGirl
EilvilaGood elf; reticent and serious oneGirl
EilyJuniper tree; filled with lightGirl
EilyssiA hardworking individualGirl
EimaanFaith; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; A variant spelling is ImaanGirl
EimanA faithful and clever minded personGirl
EimearOne who is blessed with six gifts of womanhoodGirl
EimenA protector; wealthy one with confidenceGirl
EimileOne who is practical natured and free detailedGirl
EimyA Dominic Republic variation of Amy. It means loved.Girl
EinaA guardian of properity; beautiful eyesGirl
EindraA name of Lord IndraGirl
EinildaBattle; an idealistic and powerful natured personGirl
EirName of the goddess of healing.Girl
EiraOne who has the purity and simplicity of snowGirl
EiramHeaven; a self assured person and responsible beingGirl
EiravatiOne who has lightening speed ; Ravi riverGirl
EireannIreland land; one who belongs from IrelandGirl
EireenA peace loving and humble natured beingGirl
EireneA peace loving person; daughter of PosseidanGirl
EirianSilver; a bright and beautiful beingGirl
EirikAn eternal ruler who is forever strong and braveUnisex
EirinIrish woman; one who is dynamic and restlessGirl
EiriniPeaceful and humble natured personGirl
EirisseA variant of Iris, meaning rainbowGirl
EirlysA unique and beautiful snow dropGirl
EirnyOne who is born of new healing and is freshGirl
EirwenOne who is snow white and is blessedGirl
EirwynThe one who is white as snowGirl
EiryFair person who is bright as snowGirl
EisaYahweh is my salvation; Name of a ProphetGirl
EishaPurity; name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
EislaDevoted to God; name of a river; a fairy rockGirl
EisleyA cheerful and magical person; who is majesticGirl
EislynDream; a beautiful and preety roseGirl
EithneA seed; graceful; ardent ruler; A kernel or grainGirl
EivetA large creek or a riverGirl
EjaitaLet them sayUnisex
EjiroghenePraise GodUnisex
EjlalOne who is honorableGirl
EjoA girl born on Monday.Girl
EjokparogheneLet's trust in GodUnisex
EjomafuvweLet peace reign in my lifeUnisex
EjoyovwiLet it be goodUnisex
EkaThe first born childUnisex
EkaaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
EkadhanaOne who is the portion of wealthGirl
EkajaThey are the one wnd only childGirl
EkamOneness; One; Single; Solitary; Unity; SpiritualityUnisex
EkamjotGod'S Light; Brightness, Luminance and Radiance of GodGirl
EkampoojOne who worships the supreme beingGirl
EkamroopOne who has embodied onenessGirl
EkaniOneness; One; Single; Solitary; Unity; SpiritualityGirl
EkanshiThey are natty, kind hearted individualGirl
EkantaOne who is in love with solitudeGirl
EkanthaOne who is peaceful and love solitudeGirl
EkantikaOne who is singly focusedGirl
EkaparanaOne who is the wife of HimalayasGirl
EkaparnikaThey are like Goddess DurgaGirl
EkatarinaThey are famous people and happy beingsGirl
EkaterinaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
EkaterineGeorgian form of Katherine, meaning pureGirl
EkateriniEach one of the two; famous rulersGirl
EkavaliA majestic and precious neckpieceGirl
EkemmaOne who was born on Eke market day.Girl
EkeneThe one who recieves a lot of praiseUnisex
EkisaOne who is consecrated to GodGirl
EkishaThe one who is famous GoddessGirl
EkkamThe one who is unitedGirl
EktaaOne who is a unified identityGirl
EkuaThe one converting pain to happinessGirl
EkundayoThe one who turns sorrows to joysUnisex
EkuwaOne who is born on Wednesday.Girl
EkveeraOne who is the daughter of Lord ShivaGirl
ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
ElaThey are the representative of mother EarthGirl
EladariOne who is luxury in paradiseGirl
EladariaThe luxurious paradise; they are powerfulGirl
ElahaAn enchanting human beingGirl
ElahehThey are the moon goddessGirl
ElainThe one who has a peculiar caseGirl

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