81 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ea

EabaeA versatile and very creative person.Girl
EabbeIts derived from the hebrew word abbe which means "Father of extreme happiness"Unisex
EabhaThe hebrew meaning of the name eabha means 'To Live'.Girl
EadaIt means Wealthy.Girl
EadaionIt means Friendship in GermanGirl
EadbaldA person who enjoys beauties of nature.Unisex
EadberthIt means a blessed person.Unisex
EadburgEad means 'Fortune' and burg means 'Fortress'.Girl
EadburgaEad means 'Wealth' and burg means 'Protection'.Girl
EadburhA person who loves to help the less-fortunate.Girl
EaddaIt means Wealthy.Girl
EadgifuThey are a rich gift to mankindGirl
EadgyfuEthical and good natured personGirl
EadgythWife of a wise counsellorGirl
EadgythaWise wife of a counsellorGirl
EadhildMaid of a rich battleGirl
EadidaA reserved nature person.Girl
EadieAn ambitious person.Girl
EadildA fortunate and precious personGirl
EaditaAmusing and diligent personGirl
EadithOne who is blessed with riches and prizesGirl
EadlynA healthy and wealthy friendGirl
EadoinA modern form of name; they are majesticGirl
EadreaA brave and manly bearerGirl
EaduIt means Wealth or Richness.Girl
EadwinaFeminine form of Edwin it means 'Rich Friend'.Girl
EadwynnIt means 'Rich Friend' .Girl
EafaThe meaning of eefa in Welsh means' Life'Girl
EagleEducated and noble person; attentiveGirl
EalasaidOne who is devoted to God and humanityGirl
EaldaThey are majestic creatures who ruleGirl
EaldburgaOne who has a heart of goldGirl
EaldgifuAn encouraging, alert and honest beingGirl
EalhburgA lonely, bright and wonderful beingGirl
EalhhildOne who has a lot of strengthGirl
EalhswithOne who is lucky and fertileGirl
EalhswuthThey are a wish come trueGirl
EallisonThe son of AliceGirl
EamaOne who comprises of the whole universeGirl
EammaIts derived from germanic name emen meaning universal.Girl
EanaAn expressive and good-natured women.Girl
EanburgOne who loves to share and careGirl
EanflaedA compassionate and passionate beingGirl
EanfleadA happy, straight and positive personGirl
EanfledOne who is worthy to be proud ofGirl
EanfridA frank, lonesome and experienced beingGirl
EanswidaOne who is very rigid and determinedGirl
EanswithEnergetic, noble and high spirited personGirl
EanswithaAn amusing, forward and high honoured individualGirl
EanswythA self maintained and happy individualGirl
EanwinAn imaginative, warm and neat beingGirl
EaraIt means ' From the East' in Scottish .Girl
EarcongotaOne with broad visions and ideasGirl
EardleyA habitational name; clearingGirl
EarlaIt means a noble warrior.Girl
EarleenIt means Princess; it also means Noble Warrior in Old EnglishGirl
EarlenaThe name Earlena means a very noble women.Girl
EarleneNoble Women; It means shield in spanish.Girl
EarleyIt means eagle wood.Unisex
EarlinaIt means a very strong and noble women.Girl
EarlineIt is feminine form of Earl meaning Noble Women.Girl
EarnaIt means universalGirl
EarnestineOne who has vigor and is serious mindedGirl
EarnestynaA serious and loving individualGirl
EarricOne who has a powerful mindGirl
EarthaThe mother EarthGirl
EarthelindaAmbitious, thrifty and honest beingGirl
EarwynaA friend of seaGirl
EashitaA person who desires a lot .Girl
EashwariA name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
EasterThe name easter is derived from the word eastre which means 'Godsess of Spring'Girl
EastorhildA self contented; hard working and daringGirl
EastraDerived from Greek word Astra which means 'Star'Girl
EathelinIt means a noble waterfallGirl
EathellredaIt means noble maiden.Girl
EathelynIt means a magnificient waterfallGirl
EattaIn german it means little oneGirl
EavanIt means 'Beauty'Girl
EavenIn irish it means Beautiful.Girl
EawaIt means 'Life' in HebrewGirl

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