22 Baby Girl Names That Start With Eb

EbaneeIn greek it means a black or dark timber.Girl
EbanyIt means dark coloured wood .Unisex
EbbaIt means strong .Girl
EbbaniIt means Fog or Dew Drops.Girl
EbbieIt means father or light.Girl
EbbotA very friendly and poised person .Girl
EbeA very youthful, friendly and approachable personGirl
EbeleIt means mercy or kindness.Unisex
EbertaIntelligent; Bright; BrilliantGirl
EbetaIt means Oath of God.Girl
EboneeIts Egyptian and greek meaning is Black.Girl
EboneyIts derived from the Egyptian word ebony meaning is Black.Girl
EboniIts Egyptian meaning is Black.Girl
EbonieIt means Black Wood and also Beautiful person.Girl
EbonyA person who is beautiful both from inside and outside.Girl
EbotaOne who is a dark beautyGirl
EbotteA clever,practical and inventive sort of person.Girl
EbrahWisdom to learn from experience.Girl
EbrelCornish vocabulary name meaning April.Girl
EbrillA person who is born in april; has deep desire to travelGirl
Ebtissampleasing face; smileGirl
EbunoluwaThe God's giftGirl

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